MHR: The Ugly Side

It has been quite a while since my last FanPost, I have not written one in so long not because I don't like this site but because I, like a never ending abundance of you am really really lazy. Plus I hate grammar as you are about to see.

However this FanPost is not about my lazyness or my 3rd grade grammar skills, it's about our beloved MileHighReport. It's about the fans that are on this site, the passion that flows through the fingers from over thousands (it is in the thousands right?) of fingers into the keyboard, unto a post and into our memories. This is the ugly side of MileHighReport. By the way if someone knows how to indent on this and could tell me, that would be awesome.

Us Bronco fans have gone through quite a lot since the firing of Shanahan even before that with the whole Jay-Plummer ordeal. After his dismissal I packed my internet blog bags turned my back on CBS Sportsline with their extremely 3rd rate writers and ESPN with they very own "Williamson's Famous Pig" and headed down the road to where I found a nest at MIleHighReport. I have been a quiet voice here, mainly staying in the shadow's reading everyone's views and seeing the different news. Which bring me to my first point.

Patience or No Patience. There are numerous people on this site. The internet was not invented for those with a weak stomach. It can be a tool to get peoples ideas and opinions out there. This site is just another stargate to everyone's opinions. Put together numerous different opinions into one place and what you will get is tension. If you put 20 people in an elevator and someone farts, I am 100% certain someone will cry foul. That fart scenario is exactly what I see happening when people attack others on this site because of certain skewed opinions and views. My main example is BroncosFanSD, just today (also the reason why I am writing this) I got on the site to see who else tore their Achilles tendon and I see not one but TWO fanposts "calling out" BFSD. Personally I think it is extremely childish to call someone out over the internet, mainly because it is the internet. BFSD has been called a troll among other things that pop into our heads when we see an opinion that we 100% disagree with. A troll is someone who instigates just so other people can get flustered and the troll in question receives pleasure from other peoples frusteration, personally I don't feel that BFSD is a troll mainly because when he goes to articles and comments he doesn't immediately say "Orton is the greatest quarterback ever." he says something about the article and then inputs his opinion. Just because you don't agree with what someone says does not mean you have the right to bash the person and calling someone a troll is the equivalent to bashing. He may not be a majority but he is a minority on this site in thinking that Tebow should not start whatsoever. Which brings me to my second point.

Acceptance. Again I will use BFSD as an example because it seems he is the most hated person on this site. BFSD's opinions fall into that of the minority on this site about  Tebow and the starting role. We all know BFSD is head over heels for Andrew Luck like many people out there. He is not the only one fantasizing about having Mr. Luck on their football team. It is very easy to gang up on someone who does not share the same view as the majority. Even though the majority have the most power in this case being opinions, it does not mean that the only Fanposts that are up should be from people who are "Crying with Tebow". There could be people on this site that have taken voluntary exemption from posting anything because the majority's opinion seems to only want Tebow at the helm. As I stated before just because you have a different opinion from someone else does not make either one right, people on this site should be able to accept others opinions even if their weak, you could post a reply detailing why you don't agree with the person but what I see is the responders to BFSD just tend to call him a troll. Today it's a troll and tomorrow it's something else and before you know it MHR will turn into the DenverPost. What improves the value of the opinion however, are the facts supporting ones views.

Educated Opinions. There is a difference between a simple opinion and an educated opinion. BFSD has been victim to the the first of the two. It helps to back up an opinion with reasons as to why your opinion should count. Yesterday I was reading another members opinion on the D.Thomas' injury. The comment had nothing to do with the injury but it had a lot to do with how McD was a failure as a coach. That comment got me irritated so I had to post a reply, it seems more and more people on this site are letting their anger, frustration and hate cloud their judgment and in the end the comments become extremely biased. Such is the case with BFSD about Tebow and about other users with McD and BFSD and a plethora of other things. It seems that more and more people are having brain farts. The more of them we have the closer we get to the DenverPost forum (or lack of one). I am not saying you shouldn't say anything if you can't make it sound smart. That would defeat the purpose of giving everyone a voice, I wouldn't be making this post if that's what I wanted. It just brings me back to the first two points which could be just one big point but I just wanted it to look cool. Patience, acceptance, understanding and reasoning. Those are the things that are lacking when I read posts filled with bias. It has been happening too often recently. The one thing I have noticed even though BFSD does not back up his opinions too much is that even though he will put an opinion out there and receive a lot of backlash for the opinion he does not retaliate much. Which I found quite odd.


Bottom Line: I don't know why I have been seeing more and more people loose grasp of these three (or two) things, maybe it's because the Broncos have been losing and have had a downward  spiral or maybe it's because MHR has been growing and absorbing new members constantly, however MHR when I first came here was a place in which every persons opinion was valued as long as they contributed. It made MHR what is today a safe heaven for those not looking for MSM spoon fed swiss cheese. If those of you truly believe that your opinion is worth more then that of BFSD then I truly think you should just ignore his comments. It's also not difficult to accept that it is his opinion and there is a minority here at MHR who do not want Tebow to start. The sooner people come to accept this the sooner we will see the disappearance of the deterioration of MHR and our Bronco pride.

If the three of you who actually read this wanna take ANYTHING from this fanpost it should be this. I don't have many skills, I am still a college student heading to the French Foreign Legion this upcoming fall, and for those of you who have not read my name I am from Bosnia, which used to be part of Ex-Yugoslavia. The one thing I truly appreciate from where I grew up and from what I grew up is that I can accept anyone's opinion. My mother is a Serb and my father is a Muslim who fought in the war. To me understanding different opinions is an every day occurance. To accept that someone else has a different background and experiences which led them to believe in their opinion is not something people should see as weakness. Accepting other peoples opinions let's us understand each other better, it let's us understand the world better. There are multiple ways of going about exchanging each others opinions but it is certainly not by calling someone a troll.

I am a Broncos fan, I love my team, I hate Tebow, I love Orton because he somewhat reminds me of Plummer (Beard wise), I understand Tebow is our immediate future, I think Andrew Luck has potential up the wazoo but will receive a career ending injury in his last Standford game, I do not like it when people fart in the elevator, I wrote a fanpost defending Brandon Marshal and I regret it, I hate writing fanposts. That's all. Hope someone understood what I just wrote.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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