Posts From Around SB Nation: 1/31-212

Oh the first Sunday without football, sad day. But hey, that means the off-season is upon us, mocks will begin to overflow in the fanpost sections, debates will rage, minds will slowly lapse into insanity, you know regular stuff. So to help break up the madness, Posts From Around SB Nation will continue all off-season, hurray! Plus the fact I needed a break from Some Clarification is in Order.

Without changes in a cycle, the cycle repeats, brain cells die if not stimulated, so this off-season, lets get smarter, not dumber, that way we can prove our ideas rather then just arguing them, that way we can provide insight into a topic that other might not understand, that way we can truly grow close as a community. So dang it community, let's get smarter!

Sorry moving on, here's the links!


Keys to the Lockout at Field Gulls

- There are a lot of great posts around the internet and SB Nation about the lockout, but Field Gulls is possibly the best site when it comes to logical discussion of the hot topics for the new CBA. This is just a sampling of a one of the solutions offered by fans there, but there are quite a few more well thought out ones to look at.

What Makes a Franchise Successful? The Perspective of the Fans at Cincy Jungle

-  This is a great post done by a member who traveled to three different SB Nation sites to get the fans idea of what makes a team great, how do they succeed for long periods of time, and how success is achieved. It is a great look at what fans think greatness is and how it is reached. While hardly a historical review, his study highlights what fans think is important compared to what is important. Great read.

Sports Logos and Us at Arrowhead Pride

- This is an interesting look into the marketing of sports logos and how fans react subconsciously to symbols when you see them. An interesting article, and while it is Chief-flavored, it's worth a read for the person who wants to understand mass-groupings and how they react to images or if you just want a funny history lesson on a number of poorly designed logos.

Call From Canton Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 at Pride of Detroit

-  This is an ongoing series by fantastic member over at Pride of Detroit, The Profiler, with each one focusing on a different member of the incoming Hall of Fame class. The first three cover Sanders, Dent and Sabol respectively. Both are very well written, educational, and include video for those who don't like to read. Possibly the best historical article I've read in some time outside of MHR, very great series and can't wait for the rest to come out.

MHR Community Mock at Mile High Report

- Okay, to conclude things, this is my subtle hint to Jeremy that I want to do another community mock this off-season. The last one MHR did started in March, and was AWESOME, for those of you who missed it, it's a great way to study for the draft and have a lot of fun. So Jeremy, PLEASE, let's do this again.


So there you have it, another week begins today, lets enjoy it, whether it's filled with work, play, family or friends, live life, you only get one.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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