My Thoughts on the Bronco State of the Union

Here are my thoughts on the state of the Bronco Union. I see a lot of thoughts from Bronco fans here and I wanted to put down some of my thoughts on where we are and possibly where the organization as a whole is going.

1) The Broncos are re-building, re-tooling....etc. I hope everyone here understands that. More than likely we won't have a winning record in 2011. Even if we do well in the draft and sign some quality free agents, we have a massive amount of holes in the dike and not enough fingers to plug them. It doesn't matter who our QB is, we are a work in progress and 1-2 wins by a QB won't make a difference overall.

2) The defense needs upgrades at almost every position. We need d-line play-makers and depth. In my opinion, we have 1 elite lineman (Dumervil) and 1 solid starter (Bannan) on the d-line and that is it. The others are backups or worse.
We have one good starter (Williams) and a lot of question marks at linebacker. We need youth and play-makers.
What is our cornerback situation? Champ is a free agent. Cox looked to be a future starter, but he could be suspended for stupidity in the future. Goodman is a journeyman who is on the backside of his career. Thompson looks like a decent nickel/dime player who can make some plays. I believe we need some young players and/or resign Champ.
Safety - oh my goodness! Dawkins looked old and slow. I can't see him being resigned on a team that needs to get younger. Hill is a serviceable FS that could be a stop gap while we groom younger players. Darcel McBath has looked good when he's played, but can't stay healthy. I'm not sure we can trust him to be on the field. I believe Bruton is a special-teamer only. When was the last time we got a lot of interceptions from the safety position? I'm having flashbacks of Tyrone Braxton!

3) The tight end position is where I separate myself from a lot of people here. I don't believe that a recieving TE is in the plans here. I know that John Fox wasn't in charge of drafting in Carolina, but when was the last time you saw a pass catching TE in a Carolina uniform? Wesley Walls is the last one that comes to my mind. I think blocking TE's are what Fox wants. We have those! I think we may pick up or draft a TE in the later rounds, but I don't see one being taken early.

4) My thoughts on the RT position. I see folks here have Zane (T-rex arms) Beadles possibly moving back to right tackle. I would hate that because he looked out of place and got beat by both speed and power rushers when on the island. The last 4 or so games, he looked very solid at LG (where most scouts put him) and looks like he can be a very solid starter there. RT should be a position we address in the draft, if we do indeed let the likeable, but oft injured Ryan Harris go. With the CBA uncertainly, I don't know if we can address this need via free agency.

5) Running back - We know Fox loves having multiple RB's to carry the rock. I like that. Unfortunately other than Moreno, we don't have a lot. I don't see us retaining Buckhalter thankfully. Lendale White is coming off of an Achilles tear. He was slow before, do you think he has anything left after this injury? I don't think so. Luckily we have Lance Ball....I personally think Carolina will let DeAngelo Williams go and I think it's a pretty good bet that we will sign him, but....What do we do in the draft? I just don't see us drafting a RB in the first 4 rounds. You can pick up depth guys late. How about another FB? I'm in!

I'm happy with the changes to the front office and the hiring of the solid John Fox. I think we are heading in the right direction but it will take a year or two to start the winning again. My best case scenario is that we finish 7-9 this year and get all the young players another year and 2012 is where we get back to our place in history and re-start the championship run. Are you with me?


PS: Since I'm pretty critical and I don't do mock drafts until right before the actual draft, I thought I would give folks the opportunity to discuss my assumptions for a change.

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