Plain Mock

I expect there to be no CBA agreement by the time the draft rolls around in April. So in this mock there will only be a couple of draft day trades. For anything Kyle Orton will be traded for a 2012 draft pick before the season starts if a CBA is reached. Sorry, but his mock is going to be plain and boring, I just didnt feel like going far in depth and posting pictures at this time....that will be on the next one.

Round 1:

1) CAR- Cam Newton, QB

Carolina is salivating at one of the most athletically gifted QBs ever in the history of the NFL and takes a risk knowing that they wont have to pay a ton of money with a new CBA and takes the risk.

2) TRADE: ARI- Blaine Gabbert, QB

Ken Whisenhunt needs a legit QB to keep his job and jumps up to get him before Buffalo gets a chance. Not a bad move for Denver. Arizona trades (#5, #38, #102) to get the pick

3) BUF- Nick Fairley, DT

Somehow the best DT is able to slip to three right into Buffalo's lap. They are extremely happy with the pick.

4) CIN-Da'Quan Bowers, DE

Cincinnati needs a pass rush badly, and get the best here at four.

5) DEN- Patrick Peterson, CB

Yes, I know he isnt a DLineman. But ive been wanting this pick ever since Denver started losing badly. He is a great pick here at five and will help the secondary greatly.


Now to the rest of the draft:

Round 2:

36) Phil Taylor, DT

A monster of a tackle who will play next to Bannan in his first year as a starter.

38) Quinton Carter, FS

He is a beast in the middle of the field who isnt afraid to get down and dirty. Make a fear in the middle of the field.

46) Bruce Carter, OLB

A very good, athletic linebacker who drops cause of injury. I would aim for a DT but i dont see any worthy at this point in the second round.

Round 3:

67) Jarvis Jenkins, DT

Another DT who is very good value here in the early third round. Will rotate in with the others but will eventually start towards the end of the year.

Round 4:

102) Robert Sands, SS

Makes the conversion over to strong safety. A very tall, physical, ballhawk who will remind us of Atwater hopefully.

124) TRADE: DEN- Kelvin Sheppard, ILB

Patriots are always willing to trade. Denver gives up next years third rounder and 7th rounder for this pick. A very good, instinctual LB who will eventually start in a year or two once DJ Williams's contract is up. I just dont see Denver keeping him to another contract.

Round 6:

183) Da'Rell Scott, RB

I know, its a running back. But the whole first seven picks were defense and at this point, I wouldnt mind taking a chance on this very speeedy, quick, back from Maryland

Round 7:

193) Charles Clay, FB

An outdated and rare position in the NFL. Although, it is a very important one on some occasions. I have no problem going O on this last pick for a player that can make an impact.

Some hopefull CFA's:

Greg McElroy, QB

Weslye Saunders, TE

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