A new mock, no trades or FA moves

I'm going to assume that there will be no CBA in place prior to the draft, this means that we will be attempting to trade Orton post draft, and pursue FA's based on our post draft needs rather than our needs prior to the draft.  This makes the offseason a tad difficult to predict because it is the opposite approach normally taken to the draft.

#2) Patrick Peterson CB LSU- If you've read anything I've said before you know I think he's the best CB prospect available since Woodson, and I'm not sure he was this good.  Peterson, unlike the top defensive linemen, is considered a once in a lifetime prospect with elite speed, size, and ball skills.  The only blemish on his record is he can be exposed by a receiver with quick feet on the underneath routes.  Peterson is a huge upgrade over Cox or Goodman, and if Champ doesn't want to go through a rebuilding process, Peterson could take over and start against the best receivers right away.

#36) Phil Taylor DT Baylor - Projects as a 3-4 NT, but some of the more successful 4-3 defenses have been built around massive DT's (think the Vikings just not this year).  Taylor and all 340 lbs of him would provide a strong rock solid foundation to our run defense which has annually been among the worst in the league since before Shanahan left.  Not a great pass rusher, but line him up next to Marcus Thomas inside, and Doom and Ayers at the ends, and suddenly you have a well balanced line with Doom's lack of girth lining up beside Taylor's extra girth.

I'd like to go with Martez Wilson here, but I'm going by Walter Football's first round and early second picks, and they see him off the board before Denver's #36 pick.  If he is available I think Denver would grab him in a heart beat.

#46) Rahim Moore FS UCLA - The best FS prospect in the draft.  Dawkins and Hill make up a great safety tandem in 2005.  Unfortunately they are just past their primes and Denver would be able to get the top rated FS in the 2011 draft.  A little on the slight side as far as his stature is concerned, but has had no injury issues in college.

If Moore is off the board, or if Wilson is taken at #36 I think that the D-Line will be addressed here.  DE Allen Bailey had a meh of a senior bowl and could be had here.  DT Drake Nevis would provide some beef to the interior as an option.

#70) Jeremy Beal DE Oklahoma - Projects as a 3-4 OLB and played a lot of Linebacker for the Sooners.  Plays hard on every play and has a noted reputation for being a workout warrior.  Great hitter.  No reason he couldn't play the Strong Side OLB in a 4-3 if Fox thinks he's to small (263 lbs) to play end.  Great pass rusher on 3rd down and could really be a steal if properly deployed.  This is a guy I do honestly see shooting into the 2nd round conversation (maybe late 1st) after his pro day and combine.  Very versatile, can cover tight ends but probably isn't a good matchup against an offenses 3rd WR, when he lines up as a backer.  I think that versatility makes him a bargain of a pick.

I love Beal here, but I also see him shoot up after his post season workouts, other possibilities include, Marcus Gilbert OT Florida, Quinton Carter S Oklahoma (should #46 not be Moore), Deunta Williams FS North Carolina, Jurrell Casey DT USC, Luke Stoker TE.


For the later picks I would say need plays a huge role, more so than my preference which has been best player available so long as you address a need.

that said, the later picks should be spent on a: OT, and another DT/DE, based on who's left. 

Hope these picks make sense to you, GO BRONCOS

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