Defense from worst to above average in 1 season

Like most of the fans here, I feel I could rebuild our Defense better than the highly paid, highly trained staff at Dove Valley  :P well here is my plan. Feel free to blast it.

I think Signing Champ is important, if that fails, snapping up Nnamdi, or Drafting Peterson becomes a neccessity. But for the sake of this lets assume we at keep Champ, either re-signed or tagged.

Let Identify Green Positions (Exceptional playmakers) Yellow plositions (adequate players, not a liability) and Red positions. (definate problem)

(Note, I am not a defenseive expert, so forgive minor errors)

Cornerback = Green - resigning champ locks down one side. Depending on Cox and Goodman, I think the other side becomes yellow, but not a liability. I would prefer Champ and Nnamdi, But $30 million a year for a CB tandem is a little high. Althought with Champ and Nnamdi covering recievers I am pretty sure even I could sack the QB.

Safety = Yellow - Dawkins losing a Step, Hill is a problem,  unproven youth behind them with major potential

Linebacker = Yellow - D.J. is a solid player, maybe not elite, but not a glaring hole, Woodyard improves every season, Mays has potential.

DE = Green - Some may disagree, but with DOOM at RDE, and Ayers at his Natural LDE position I look at this as a position of strength and expect big things

DT = RED -  I believe out of our stock of current players we could fill perhaps one position adequately.

So given that I don't feel the defense is so far off. Here is a one season approach to Vastly improve our Defense.

1. Re-sign Champ

2. Sign Bob Sanders a Safety. I know his injury history but he is only 30, and we have youth behind him. I think this would move safety to green level if we can keep him on the field.

3. Use number 2 pick on on Fairly, or trade back 3 or 4 spots and grab Dareus, fill the other DT position in FA or from within. Instantly upgrades DT to yellow.

4. Grab Linebacker in round 2, use other RD 2 Jimmy Smith (CB Colorado) if available.

Now here is how I see Defense.

CB= Green (Elite play-makers, Depth, and potential)

Safety = Green (Elite Playmakers, Depth, and potential)

Linebacker= Yellow (Adequate players, Depth, and potential)

DE= Green (Elite Playmakers, Depth, and potential)

DT = Yellow (Adequate players, Depth, and potential)

Bam, 1 offseason and Denver is at least a middle of the league Defense, Next year Address DT again and Linebacker again as well as adding experience to 2011 rookies.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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