My one and only 2011 Mock Draft

Mock drafts are certainly a lot of fun. I think that I have learned enough about the prospects to feel comfortable locking in my one and only mock draft. This draft assumes that the CBA will get done prior to the draft. So there will be a single player trade. Instead of attempting to net a second for Orton, I am going to project that we trade Orton and our 2 -36th pick to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for their 15th pick in the draft. Then we will trade the 15th overall pick in the draft received from Miami to Seattle for their 25th, 80th and their 153rd. In theory, a good QB prospect like Newton or Gabbert will have fallen and Seattle will jump ahead to take a QB of the future.

It may be a stretch for the Miami trade to happen  without putting in more but Miami seems like a good landing spot for Orton and it would supply them with an early 2nd and a good young QB. That would leave Denver with the 2nd, 25th, 46th, 67th, 80th, 153rd, 188th and 196th pick of the draft.


With the second pick in the draft the Broncos select ....

Patrick Peterson CB/S from LSU. My reasoning behind this pick is simple. In my opinion he is the best player in this draft. We did resign Champ Bailey, however, either Champ or Peterson would ideally be moved to safety in the near future. I like Perrish Cox and think he has a future as a starting CB for the Broncos however, next year he will likely face a league suspension, even assuming that he does not land in jail before next season begins. If Perrish doesn't develop then you have two lockdown corners. If he does, then either Champ Bailey or Patrick Peterson move to play safety. In an ideal world this pick would fill the safety position for the near future. In addition, Peterson is an absolutely dynamic punt returner. While some don't like the idea of such a high pick returning punts I think people undervalue the significance of a dynamic punt returner. If they kick it to them, they might return it, if they kick it away you start with better field position on virtually every drive. If you watch the impact that Desean Jackson or Devin Hester have on a game even if they don't touch the ball it is a significant. Moreover, there is a theory that football games are won in the trenches. I don't necessarily dispute that but we can't ignore the clear move the NFL is making towards a passing happy league. Given the reality of  spread offenses, having a deep secondary is going to be a requirement for championship teams. Moreover, the Broncos are able to franchise players, and DB can play a lot longer and more effectively than a lot of other positions. Since we can retain Peterson for a long team, I think this position actually has more significant value than a player at a position that career will be shorter.


With the 25th overall pick the Broncos select ...

Gabe Carimi, OT Wisconsin. This guy is an absolute road grader and can play RT. I don't beleive that Ryan Harris will be resigned. If Denver is going to run the ball as much as Fox did in Carolina, we will need a great offensive line. Carimi projects as one of the best run blockers in the draft and will also allow Beadles to remain on the interior of our offensive line, the position that most projected him too and that he had the most success with last season. Carimi can come in and start from day 1 and may prove to be a significant upgrade over even a healthy Ryan Harris.


With the 46th overall pick the Broncos select ...

Martez Wilson, ILB, Illinois. This pick would be a huge value pick. We would get the top rated ILB in this class. So he may not fall to us here. But with this pick I am getting an inside linebacker. My first choice is Martez Wilson, if he is off the board then I'm taking Greg Jones, Colin McCarthy or Quan Sturdivant, in that order. Martez is riskier than both Wilson and probably McCarthy but his ceiling is a lot higher because he possesses far more athleticism than any other prospect in this draft. I want our future Mike to have that athleticism so that he can cover a zone sideline to sideline and stop the run sideline to sideline. Wilson definitely fits the bill in that department and if his ability to understand the game progresses he could be a top tier Mike for a long time.


With the 67th overall pick the Broncos select ...

Deandre McDaniel, S, Clemson. We already addressed S with our first round pick but plain and simple we need two good ones, and right now we have Dawkins who I think is done, and Renaldo Hill who is average and aging - never a good combination. I like this pick because if Champ or Peterson move to safety they probably won't be the type of run stopping hard hitting safety that I would like. McDaniel is in my opinion the best run stopping safety in this draft and would mesh well with more of a coverage safety. He feels comfortable playing close to the line of scrimmage and is a big hitter. In addition, he tracks the ball well, has good closing speed and will intercept the pass if he gets his hand on it.


With the 80th overall selection the Broncos select ...

Christian Ballard, DT, Iowa. The Broncos finally address the Defensive line. This is an incredibly deep draft for DT and Ballard normally would be selected a lot earlier. Ballard is good at penatrating and making plays in the back field. In my opinion he is better than some of the current DTs being talked about and is being overshadowed by his teammate Clayborn, and the other good DTs in this draft. We address this position late because we think Ballard is a third round steal but also because with the move to a 4-3 we already have a stronger rotation than we did last year. In a 3-4 you have to have three 4-3 DTs playing at once. In a 4-3 all you need is two. This would give us a rotation of Bannan, Vickerson, Thomas and Ballard, which may not be dominant but is definitely an upgrade over last years group.


With the 153rd pick in the draft the Broncos select ...

Casey Matthews, ILB, Oregon. Matthews may not last this long because of his brother's popularity. However, this is about where his talent should dictate he be taken. He is an incredibly smart player and excels in coverage. However, he would be limited by his size and athleticism at the next level. Ideally, he would be able to compete for special teams, and be brought in in some nickel situations because of his above average coverage skills. If he is able to add size and strength, Matthews could become a great 4-3 linebacker at some point.


With the 188th pick in the draft the Broncos select ...

Owen Marecic, FB/ILB, Stanford. Marecic is a versatile player and may ultimately be able to play full back as a starter or add depth to the linebacking group. Both are positions of needs and Marecic is the type of hardworking versatile player that can be a key player on any team.


With the 196th the Broncos select ...

Ryan Winterswyk, DE, Boise State. An incredibly overacheiving player who should be a hard worker and could potentially make the roster at a valuable position. Winterswyk doesn't have the physical tools to impress scouts but does have the intelligence and hopefully hard work to make an NFL roster. Great developmental prospect who could add depth to the DE position. I didn't address the DE position earlier because it is my hope that the Broncos are able to land Charles Johnson in FA. Which would give the Broncos a solid three DE rotation of Ayers, Johnson and Dumervil.

Let me know if you have any thoughts ...

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