Leadership: Values and Differences

Once again I see myself writing a FanPost. Once again I ask myself why I put myself through this. Once again I realize posters on here instigate me to write FanPost's. If you want me to stop writing these, stop posting comments.

Leadership has been thrown around lately. Primarily that Orton lacked leadership and that Tebow had so much leadership that we should just let him lead everything and give up on every other leader. This was brought to my attention over time and through the recent Maxwell edition of "Mythbusters" post about Orton and Tebow.

I enjoyed the article and I enjoyed Max's view on the fact that there can be multiple leaders in the locker room hence this did not have to turn into a "pissing contest" according to Mr. Max.

So what is my purpose here, well I would love for it to be that I would make a kick-ass article about "Leadership" and convince many people into my way of thinking, however I will make this article solely educational about different types of leadership styles, those implemented by Orton and Tebow separately and how they complement each other. I will tell you that Leadership also has it's own curriculum in school and uses actual leadership styles instead of one's dictated by public as "Fist pumping leader". Hopefully in the end you the reader will be able to fornicate your own opinion about leadership and leaders who lead the led party.


I took Leadership in High School and also a course in my recent College expedition so I believe I am highly qualified for leading you good folks on this leadership expedition.


Kurt Lewin was a German psychologist who later became an American citizen. He is the godfather of "leadership" he is what helped us define different styles of leaders and paved the way for others to pry his theories wide open and broaden our sense of leadership. This man was smart, so smart he worked at MIT. That's pretty smart. Any who Kurt is where leadership begins with his characterization of three distinct and very important leadership styles which are still regarded to in today's age. Authoritarian, Democratic and laissez-faire. I am sure some of you can already guess what these different types of leadership classifications are about.

Authoritarian - Think of this as if you were working in a coal mine. You have an overseer, he does not actively participate in the process of taking coal from the mine like the hard working workers do, but he instead offers words of praise or criticism to the workers. This leader is not necessarily ill-tempered, he is just not part of the work force. Personally I would put in Bill Bellicheat here. He seems cold and calculated but will change up the plans from time to time however he does not actively get involved. He just says do this, this and this.

Democratic - This is also called participative leadership. Democratic leadership is basically like our government or lack of. Everyone brain storms about how to achieve something or progress and the leader will put his input sometimes and try to steer the group, however the group has choices they have different routes they can take.

Laissez-Faire - This is somewhat like anarchy. The leader does not care what the group does and all the decision come from the independence of the group. The leader sometime comes in and gives praise or criticism and he stays out of the work process. He is more invisible then the Authoritarian.

These are the three main leadership styles Lewin invented in his lifetime. However after him came others and these other leadership styles were created.  

Charismatic -This is what anyone would put Tebow in. He has a fiery passion and he wants to motivate his teammates to success. He fist-pumps, jumps up and down, screams and cries like a baby. These are all factors of a Charismatic leadership style. An example of his charisma can be viewed here.

Bureaucratic - Like the name suggests this is someone who likes to make sure steps are followed in the 1-2-3 order and not 3-1-2. I would put McD in this section. Prepared and not wanting to follow a different route. Not interested in different solutions and wants things done the 1-2-3 way.

Relation-oriented - This style would fall on someone like John Fox. He is a "players coach". A relation-oriented style is based around the premise that if you tutor and encourage your team members then you will reach your goal faster. Wade Phillips also falls in this category.

Servant - This is a role filled very often in the NFL, someone has to step forward and fill the position of leader however he looks for the support of his teammates and their advice on the decisions he has to make. Some would put Orton in this category, I would have put him in this category during his stint in Chicago. Most rookies I would say would also fall into this category.

Transformational - This style fits Peyton Manning. He looks to inspire his team so that they could give him on-time results. He wants them to step up like he is. I would label this the "lead by example" style. Although I couldn't find any source labeling this style like that.

Task-oriented - He only looks for the goal. Unlike authoritarian he will heed his teammates calls. But ultimately he just wants to get to the goal. The difference between him and authoritarian is as stated before, he hears his teammates. He may not necessarily listen but he hears.

Transactional - This style is where someone above the leader gives permission to the leader to hash out punishments if the goals are not met. This also includes rewarding the team if the goals are met. I don't know who to put in this list.

Situational - This is the most ambiguous style. This is where I would put Orton. This style means that the leader depending on the situation will use Servant over Transactional or Charismatic over Relation-Oriented. The style changes based on the situation the leader finds his team in. I would put a lot of NFL players in this category. A case could be made that this is what you look for in an ideal QB's leadership.

For a little more in depth look my sources can be found here for the different types of leadership styles, here for a closer look on Kurt Lewin and I have also added a couple other sources here and here for those of you interested reading the same thing twice but some few things added such as the stages of these styles.

Max had provided the sources from different Bronco teammates providing their knowledge on whether Orton is a leader. If you are interested in seeing them I suggest going through the link posted at the top. Reason I have put Orton in the ambiguous role is because I don't see him in any other one. We have all seen he has emotion (maybe not as much as Tebow but a good amount), we have seen him working for a certain goal, we have seen him frustrated and dish out some words. I have not seen Orton apply only one style during his tenure with the Broncos. Tebow on the other hand shows a heavy dose of Charisma and Servant style. Partly because this his second year and he is just stepping into it. It is possible for him to be put into the ambiguous style later in his career when he has had more experience but right now I only see those two styles from him. Whenever he compliments another player for coming in and studying and that he should be in there as well, shows me a Servant style. When he was getting on the field the last 3 games of the year showed a lot of Charisma style.

 To me I have no problem with having multiple leaders on a team, regardless of all these styles I have listed here in the end no two leaders can be the same. There is always something unique from one to the next. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece is unique if not by shape then by color and pattern and if you put them correctly you will receive a picture. That picture can either be something extraordinary that dropped from the heavens above or something you would expect to find on the neighborhood crackhead. That's how I look at it when you compile different types of leaders and their styles. When you put Orton and Tebow together it comes out wonderfully. Orton unlike perceived by recent MSM and some Mile Flyers around here is not a whinny little baby. He is confident in his skills and that he is a starter. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness, although thin, it is still there. As for Tebow, well he would look up to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer if he was on our roster and was further up the charts. He wants to be that favorite son, the one who is always obedient and wants to learn. Nothing wrong with that, in fact that's something the Broncos have been missing since Cutler was traded. Tebow is humble and honest and I don't think that goes unnoticed by his teammates. Put them together and I am positive you could motivate a locker room. However Orton will be traded in the end and Tebow will remain, but if by some chance Orton stayed do not panic! It is possible for the to co-exist. Just like it's possible for them to win games with both of them in the locker room.

Feel free to interpret your own leadership styles etc etc. By no means does it mean that I am correct in putting Tebow where he is and Orton where he is. Just my view. I have to cut this FanPost short mainly because I forgot what my second piece was going to be written on. This is why you should not just save a draft and go binge drinking. For those of you that noticed, my title has nothing to do with my article. It just sounded cool.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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