I don't understand something...

I get that our defensive front 7 is not good.   What I don't get is that people believe our secondary is in ok shape.

For the record, I believe the smartest course of action for the Broncos is to take Patrick Peterson at #2 overall and take 2 DT's in the 2nd (or a DT and MLB in the 2nd with a 3rd rd DT).  I personally like Drake Nevis and Stephen Paea/Marvin Austin for our line's rotation. 

Yet when I said this previously I get bombarded with comments that say, "You have to address the defensive line!" or, "There is no way the front 7 isn't a priority."

Just wondering how taking Peterson (the consensus best defensive player in the draft) and 2 front 7 players in the 2nd is ignoring the defensive line.  Its accepted at this point that this is a deep draft of defensive tackles (take a tour of the internet mocks, there are around 10 taken before the 2nd round is over on average) and mediocre in the defensive backfield.  Peterson is position flexible and could be good as a FS in his first season. 

I look at last year's draft and compare it to this year; Fairley reminds scouts of McCoy (bear in mind he is considered an inferior prospect to Suh according to the writers that I have been reading), and Peterson is widely considered a superior prospect to Berry (universally superior to Haden). 

If Peterson runs that 4.3 at the combine that I've heard rumors he's capable of I think he has to be our first pick.  Given one FA signing and the draft I had above our starting Defense couls look like this...

RE - Elvis Dumervil

DT - Drake Nevis/Stephen Paea (whichever is the 2nd rd pick)

DT - Cullen Jenkins (my FA pickup from the Packers)

LE - Robert Ayers

Will - D.J. Williams

Mike - Martez Wilson (a second rd. pick)

Sam - Mario Haggan (a little too big for Fox's typical defense, but I only allowed myself to pick up one FA)

CB 1 - Champ Bailey         Nickel - Squid

CB 2 - Perrish Cox              Dime - Goodman

FS - Patrick Peterson (#2 overall pick)

SS - Brian Dawkins


I think this makes the most sense for the Broncos since it doesn't look like the Pack are going to pursue Jenkins.  I like Jenkins flexibility becasuse if it turns out that Ayers isn't any better in the 4-3 than Jenkins can play that End spot and either Vickerson or Thomas would be the other starting DT. 

How does that not address the D-Line (and for that matter all 3 phases of the defense)?

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