Prospective Offensive Talent for the 2011 Draft


I want to begin by noting that I haven’t looked at who we should draft in the 1st round because I feel that, whoever we choose, we are getting a great player with the second pick.

As long as we pick one of the elite talents:

1a.) Nick Fairley

1b.) Patrick Peterson

1c.) Daquan Bowers

1d.) Robert Quinn

1e.) Marcell Dareus

1f.) Von Miller


If we stay with the second pick of that draft, you can make a case for all those players. With that being said, I find much more enjoyment with the later round guys who seem to come out of nowhere and impress.


Let me finish my introduction by saying that this isn’t a mock draft, (I think Broncos fan has that covered for us) but instead this is the first installment of a series, which I would like to introduce players that can be picked in the later rounds who would help our football team. Again this isn’t a mock draft. This is more of a “Big Board” if you will, of prospective players who I feel could impress for less. This Post will focus on Offensive talent and I will do another on the defensive side. Furthermore I will also project what kind of player they will be in the NFL, for example, people say Bowers is the next Julius Peppers. I will try to be pretty accurate about this so I don’t get anybody’s hopes up.


I am going to begin by first understanding that our offensive lineman are going to be running the zone scheme, which we had a lot of success with in the past, as opposed to the power scheme we ran more recently. One very important point I’m going to make is that we are not going “back” to the zone scheme. This isn’t the Mike Shanahan zone with athletic lineman all less than 300 pounds. This has been a topic of conversation more recently and I would like to point out that not all zone teams play with those types of players. In fact we were in a more radical version of the zone, whereas a moderate example would be the Carolina Panthers or Houston Texans. However, make no mistake, quickness and athleticism are still key features. Basically a mauler like John Moffitt more likely won’t be picked, but don’t count out a guy like Marcus Cannon just because of his size. Now that we have that sorted out lets begin by looking from the outside (RB, TE, WR) in (Lineman).





 Running backs


This isn’t really an amazing running back draft but I’m going to list a few possibilities.


  1. Mike Leshoure (Illinois) 6’0 230
  2. Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon State) 5’7 193
  3. Shane Vereen (California) 5’10 204
  4. Kendall Hunter (Oklahoma State) 5’7 199
  5. Da’rel Scott (Maryland) 5’11 210
  6. Graig Cooper (Miami) 5’10 203
  7. Noel Devine (West Virginia) 5’7 160


  1. Obviously the most impressive of the bunch is Mike Leshoure. Leshoure has a ton of upside and could really pay dividends in the future. He is big fast and explosive. He could be our fist pick of the 2nd round and we may actually get a steal with him. This guy had 6.3 yards per carry out of Illinois. Mendenhall had 6.4. Again he might be a bargain at that point.

Player who I see him compare to: Jonathen Stewart/ Rashard Mendenhall.

He is a big explosive guy like Stewart, same with Mendenhall minus some explosiveness. ( I was never that high on Mendenhall)

2. Jacquizz Rodgers can be a really productive back in our rotation. Although there are questions about his size, he carried the load in Oregon State and I can tell you first hand he is extremely strong in the lower body. You cannot arm tackle him, and he has the explosive power to get away after contact. I would look at him in the 3rd round range personally, but he has the ability to produce especially if he is in a rotation. Can catch and return. Never fumbled.Very strong thick legged

Watch at 2:40 to see how strong this guys legs are

Notice the song say “touchdown Tebow.” It’s a sign.

Comparisons: Maurice Jones-Drew, Justin Forsett

He is very powerful for his size between the tackles, and will break arm tackles. He has the burst that Forsett gets, this is one of a few guys that have a low center of gravity and will always get you that two or three yards.  Here is another of him vs a very strong Cushing at 1:14

3. Shane Vereen has that same low center of gravity like Rodgers and Kendall who I’ll talk about shortly. He is also fast which helps. He isn’t the biggest guy but he doesn’t dance at all. He goes straightforward and makes one cut basically. Catches with ease out of the backfield.

Comparison: J.J. Arrington, Ray Rice, and Justin Forsett.

  Okay you can probably tell I’m a California guy but this is pretty straightforward. He plays the same style as Ray Rice but I think Rice has a little more power? Or maybe not. That’s why this guy is a sleeper.

4. Kendall Hunter is another player with a lower center of gravity who will get you a few yards. Not really much upside. Very good in pass protection, which separates him from some of the other guys I noted. Good vison and can catch.

Compares to: Ray Rice

Same reasons as above. Imagine if there are three Ray Rice’s in this draft. Very cool.

5. Da’Rell Scott.

I’ll cut it short and just say it, basically a carbon copy of Lance Ball. Seriously.


     6. Graig Cooper’s parents didn’t know how to spell but that’s okay because their little bundle of joy was very fast and could return kicks even though he was a little skinny.

He is stupid fast. Seriously, I mean he is really fast but lacks great vision and runs into his blockers instead of waiting for them to develop.


Comparisons: Justin Fargas, Devin Hester

Runs like Fargas. Went to Miami and is fast like Hester ( I’m getting lazy).

   7. Noel Devine can hope to be like Sproles, but he hasn’t grown since high school.  I still have the prep magazine when I went to highschool and he was the number one rated guy in the country at the time. He was only 160 pounds then and my teammates and me thought that was crazy that such a little guy could be so good. The NFL probably won’t think it was as crazy and I could see him fall in the draft…unless Mayock can save him.


Compares: Sproles. Interestingly the cover of the magazine had Jimmy Clausen as the best QB prospect in the nation. How the mighty have fallen. I firmly believe he would have had more success under Pete Carroll that Weiss team. He should have gone to USC.


Tight Ends


  1. Kyle Rudolph 6’6 265 Notre Dame
  2. Luke Stocker 6’5 255 Tennessee
  3. Lance Kendricks 6’3 240 Wisconsin
  4. Virgil Green 6’3 248 Nevada
  5. Lee Smith 6’6 269 Marshall
  6. Jordan Cameron 6’5 254 USC
  7. Wesley Saunders 6’5 270 USC
  1. Kyle Rudolph should be a 1st round pick in my book. The guy has elite talent. Do you guys remember how bad the Raiders were like 2 years ago? Remember their only aerial threat? Zach Miller. If we go Tebow, it would be very wise to draft the quarterback’s best friend.                Compares: Zach Miller (6’5 255) Greg Olsen (6’5 255), Todd Heap you get it. Their so alike it’s not even funny.
  2. 2. Luke Stocker is a less athletic version of above mentioned. Compares to: Todd Heap. Not as athletic as Olsen and Miller.

3.If Lance Kendricks falls in this draft I will be very happy. He is a very good receiving option and has that long stride. He is fast and physical.

Compares: A bigger version of Leonard Hankerson (they run the same way)

Shannon Sharpe from a physical standpoint.

4. Virgil Green. I know he is fast and elusive but that’s about it. Seems like Kendricks from what I read. I don’t like that he played I the pistil. I realize I just said “pistil” instead of pistol. I just had a Bio test yesterday don’t hate.        

5.Lee smith is a menacing blocker. I really like him under Fox’s offense because Quinn hasn’t shown me much.

6.Jordan Cameron is very raw. He can hope to be like one of the big three I mentioned earlier

7.Saunders will be a steal if he can stay out of jail.

Offensive Tackles



  1. Derok Sherrod 6’5 321 Mississippi State
  2. Joseph Barksdale 6’5 335 LSU
  3. Marcus Gilbert 6’6 329 (might not be a great fit in zone however) Florida
  4. Lee Ziemba 6’6 317 Auburn
  5. James Carpenter 6’5 313 (move him to guard) Alabama


  1. Sherrod would be a good fit for our system with his quickness. Pulls very well, is athletic, mirrors well. Would be a great RT. Could play LT.

Compares: I’m not really sure. Roger Saffold has long arms and so does Sherrod. They are both athletic and weigh about the same.

2. Barksdale reminds me of Ryan Harris. Both are very athletic and quick. He could be a sleeper here

Compares: Ryan Harris

3. Gilbert is a solid player who could develop but I think he will struggle if he is asked to start immediately. Not very good in space.

     4. I really like Ziemba. He is quick and plays with a mean streak. A good technician. I would love to get this guy in the later rounds. Played against top talent. Da'Quan Bowers said Ziemba and Andre Smith were the best tackles he ever faced.Sleeper

Compares to: Chris Kuper but bigger.

      5. I like James Carpenter as a guard in the later rounds. He could be a very good guard but a bad RT.





  1. Marcus Cannon 6’5 350 TCU
  2. Ben Ijalana 6’3 320 some D2 school Villanova
  3. Clint Boling 6’5 320 Georgia
  4. Demarcus Love 6’4 318 Arkansas
  5. Will Rackley 6’3 307 LeHigh
  6. James Brewer 6’6 323 Indiana


  1. Cannon could be a force for us if he plays as good as his measurable’s would indicate. Carries his weight very well. He is athletic but he doesn’t have the best side-to-side lateral range needed with zone. Still I really like him.

Compares to: Jerad Gaither, both can play G/T similar physically and skill set.

2. Ben Ijalana could be this year Jerad Veldheer. Ben has good quickness athletism, and great footwork. All keys to good zone blockers.

Compares to: No idea

3. Clint Boling is my favorite because he could fall, and could be a steal for us. Solid pass blocker, good pass set and good short area quickness and footwork. Can pull really well and has good lateral quickness. I really like this prospect. Great intangibles, light feet. Was once a late 1st rounder. I heard he has a bad punch and tight ankles but otherwise nothing to bad.

Compares to Kuper.

4. Demarcus Love got dominated at tackle but could be a good guard in the NFL.

5. Will Rackley is another small school guy. Good short area lateral movement and slide. Wide base and solid anchor. Has a nice pop in his punch. Very solid run blocker good leverage. Does a good job controlling defender. 

6. James Brewer. Solid athlete, very agile great lateral quickness. Compares to most zone blocking guards

Well I hope you guys learned something. I'll try to do another on defense as well.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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