Mock Draft V 3.0: The Nick Fairley Edition

In case you didn't catch it, I posted my Senior Bowl scouting report on Tuesday. There were quite a few players who left a really good impression on me. That is one of the best things about this time of year. Nothing is certain. Guys move up and down draft boards up until the day of the draft. I have my own private board and I am constantly moving guys after I see more film of them. One of the biggest movers will make an appearance later. For now, let's jump straight into it.

1st round, #2


Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

I have said many times that I am not a big fan of Nick Fairley. My concerns about Fairley have very little to do with his ability on the field. In fact, the only question I have about his on field ability is that he is a one year wonder. Other then that, I think he is a terrific prospect. My main concerns about him are his character, "dirty" label, and work ethic. I am a guy that would rather have a hard working player who isn't as talented over a guy who is very talented but lazy. It is just my personal preference. That is why I would never want an Albert Haynesworth on my team. He may be talented, but he is a dirty player and doesn't work hard.

With all that said, I am not John Fox, John Elway, or Brian Xanders. They will have the final say on who the Broncos draft and Nick Fairley will surely be a player they consider if he is on the board when the Broncos go on the clock. Fairley is an explosive player with great athletic ability. He has great size and is a heck of a pass rusher. He has displayed great power and is a guy who just loves to hit quarterbacks. He could be a fantastic player in the NFL if he wants to be.

Just an example of his talent.

Nick Fairley power slam vs ULM


2nd Round, #36



Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor

I know what you're thinking. Fairley AND Taylor? Yes. Our D-Line is a mess. Our potential defensive tackles in the 4-3 are Justin Bannan, Kevin Vickerson, and Marcus Thomas. So if the Broncos indeed switch back to the 4-3, Nick Fairley is not going to fix our defense by himself. Bannan, Vickerson, and Thomas are all nice complimentary players at this point. Bannan would be the starter next to Fairley in the current situation. That is where Taylor comes in.

Phil Taylor had a fantastic Senior Bowl. He is a big guy who is very powerful. He can take up multiple blocks on running downs while creating pressure on passing downs. He has really good strength and uses his violent hands to help him get after the quarterback. Now, he is still raw. So he is going to need some development if he is going to reach his full potential. However, the potential he has is enough to overlook his character problems and take him early in the 2nd. With Dumervil and Ayers playing as defensive ends, if both Taylor and Fairley work hard and want to be great, they could make Denver's d-line one of the best in the NFL in a couple years.

FOOTBALL: Phil Taylor Feature


2nd Round, #46


Jaiquawn Jarrett, S, Temple

Jarrett is a guy that I have been keeping my eye on for awhile. After watching him perform at the Senior Bowl, I believe he has the most upside of any safety in this draft. The thing I noticed about him is that he is very physical. He is not afraid to lay the wood on WR and RB's who challenge him. He has shown good quickness and closing speed. He is very aggressive in run defense. He could probably play both free and strong safety. With Dawkins and Hill getting older, it will be important to restock talent at the safety position and Jarrett has as much upside in this draft as anyone.

Jaiquawn Jarrett vs. Penn State (2010)


3rd Round, #67


DJ Williams, TE, Arkansas

Another Williams on the Broncos? Yes, but I believe this Williams can make more of an impact then Jamal and DJ combined. DJ had a very good showing at the Senior Bowl. He didn't catch a pass that I remember, but he showed very well in his blocking ability which was key because there are questions about DJ Williams in that area. He is shorter then you want at just a hair under 6 ft 2, but he is a very athletic guy who will be a mismatch in the NFL. He is a strong, physical guy with good speed and he could be a fantastic target for Tebow.

DJ Williams of Arkansas - 2010 John Mackey Award Semi-Finalist


6th Round


Mario Harvey, LB, Marshall


When you do research on Mario Harvey, it becomes increasingly apparent that this guy is a very physical player. Nicknamed "Thumper", the 6 ft, 250 pound linebacker is an active player who flies all over the field. From reports I have read, he is more then capable of just nailing RB's and WR's. He has good strength. The key to Harvey will be his 40 yard dash. If he can run a fast dash, he will go higher then this spot, but for now, he is safely a 6-7 round player with a lot of upside. He is a developmental guy who gives us more depth in our linebacker corps.


7th Round


Anthony Allen, RB, Georgia Tech

While Knowshon is the starting back, the remaining RB's might not even be here next year. Fox might take a late round shot on an RB. Allen played for Georgia Tech's triple option offense. He is often compared to Jonathan Dwyer who also came from Georgia Tech. He doesn't have any experience in a pro style offense. However, he is a thickly built guy who runs hard and has some good acceleration. Per some reports online, he was a very nice, friendly guy at the Senior Bowl. He has his own twitter and could be a fan favorite with time. He's a personable guy who is worth a shot this late in the draft.

Anthony Allen Runs Over Clemson Defenders


So let's look at this recap

1st Round #2- Nick Fairley, DT

2nd Round #36- Phil Taylor, DT

2nd Round- #46 Jaiquawn Jarrett, S

3rd Round- # 67 DJ Williams, TE

6th Round- Mario Harvey, LB

7th Round- Anthony Allen, RB


With this draft, we have put a lot of talent into our defensive line. We hear all the time that "Games are won in the trenches" and both Fairley and Taylor have a lot of upside. If they work hard and continue to improve, they could make a deadly DT combo. Jarrett is a safety who has a lot of upside. He adds a potential star into our secondary. DJ Williams adds some much needed depth and talent into our Tight Ends. He could become one of Tebow's favorite targets. Harvey adds some talent and depth into our linebackers and Anthony Allen gives Fox a young, tough runner in his backfield. If we were to mysteriously get more picks (say for a certain QB *cough cough Kyle Orton cough cough) then I would look at add a CB and another linebacker. For now, this draft would be a great step in the right direction. Until next time, MHR.

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