Debating the 2nd overall pick

There seems to be 2 sides here at MHR on who the Broncos should take at the number 2 pick. There is definitely the guys that think Patrick Peterson is a no-brainer pick. Then there's the Bowers/Fairley school. I want to try to talk this out and explain my thinking here.

I'm going to bring up a couple of things before we start arguing prospects. I'm not one to get emotionally attached to prospects but I can see I'm out of the ordinary.

Positional Value - This is the concept where certain positions have a higher draft value than others. Historically, QB/OT/DE/RB/WR have had the highest draft value for the 10. DT and LB were in there as well. In the last 20 years, here is the break down of the number 2 pick:
 OT 4
 QB 3
 DE 3
 LB 3
 RB 3
 WR 2
 DT 1
 S 1

Additionally, here is the breakdown of top 5 picks in the last 20 years as a means of comparison:
QB 23
RB 13
OT 13
DE 13
LB 10
WR 9
DT 8
CB 8
S 3

If you notice, DB's in general aren't highly as valued as QB/RB/OT/DE/LB.

Drafting Strategy (drafting for need verses Best Player Available (BPA)) - You could argue that every decent GM would always draft BPA, but that simply not always the case. Poor teams usually end up drafting for need because they need that LT or QB and end up getting stuck reaching for their dire positional need. Then, there's the NE model where they have a collapsed draft board and they maneuver to get their guys, even if they have to reach to get them. McDaniels employed this model and you see where we ended up. I hope the Broncos go back to a traditional draft board do what they have to do to address our positional needs while maximizing value. What are the Broncos needs in rank of high to low? I say d-line/Safety/MLB/CB. What do you think?

Prospects - I'm not a scout. I read what other scouts write and process the information to form my own conclusions. I'm not going to post stats of the players most likely under scrutiny of the 2nd pick. This is the first year with Fox/Xanders/Elway and I have no idea what process and ideology they are going to employ in the draft. To me, it comes down to Fairley/Bowers/Peterson. I have no emotional attachment to any of them. I loved what I saw from Fairley in the last 2 games he played, but I have read all the criticism as well. Bowers looks to be a great prospect with 2 decent  years of college production. Peterson is a great corner prospect with wonderful return skills.

Conclusion - Is Peterson enough of a prospect to warrant giving up positional value and drafting a CB at 2nd overall? I don't think so. I personally don't value CB's that much. I believe the d-line is where our biggest need is and I think it aligns perfectly with the value of the second overall pick. I personally would love Fairley if he's not picked first overall. But, I certainly can live with Bowers. I know I'm going to hear from people that will argue with Peterson to the death, but I haven't heard a good argument why, except for their emotional attachment. I saw him look average at his bowl game while Fairley tore his up. Please post something that gives me something to think about. Thanks

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