More John Elway, This Time On The Vic And Gary Show

John Elway is making the media rounds, as he always does, before the Super Bowl.  This year, however, Elway is the V.P of the Denver Broncos so his words have everyone listening.

The latest stop for Elway was his weekly radio show on Vic and Gary.  His comments mirrored what he has said all week - the Broncos will go through the process regarding Time Tebow and Kyle Orton and do what is best for the Denver Broncos.  There were a few other things I found interesting:

  • Elway has not had the chance to talk to Kyle Orton yet.
  • Elway spoke about the relationship between Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow.  He admits he has heard a bit about the friction between the two, though Elway has not talked to them about it.  He also spoke about the relationship between Orton and Tebow being somewhat adversarial.  He knows that the Broncos will have to find out if Tebow and Orton can co-exist if they are on the same team next season.
  • The Broncos will proceed like there will NOT be a lockout, then will see what happens come March 4 when the 2011 NFL Fiscal Year begins.
  • Elway once again stressed that Tebow is raw, that he likes the intangibles but success at the quarterback position starts from the pocket. 
  • Elway will be active on the practice field - as much as he can without interfering - with the quarterbacks.  I really like that.

I think it is a no-brainer that Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton are not going on double-dates.  Personally, I don't care about that.  What CANNOT happen is the situation divide the locker room.  Part of that comes from the head coach.  If the head coach cannot make up his mind, neither will the team.  That said, if the two cannot be on the same team then one of them has to go.

Everyone wants to play, everyone wants to start.  How you handle that is what makes you a professional.  Kyle Orton is getting paid a TON of money to be a professional - be it in Denver or somewhere else.

Nothing can really happen until there is a CBA.  We all know that.  John Elway is saying what he has to say because the possibility exists that Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton WILL be on the Broncos in 2011.  What I like, however, is Elway - and the Broncos - are aware of the dynamic between Orton and Tebow and will make sure it isn't a problem.  Who better to understand it than John Elway?

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