J-Dog: 1st post / 1st Mock Draft

This is a first time posting on MHR, but I've read and enjoyed many comments over that past couple of years.  Snowed in in Oklahoma make a guy decide to post a mock draft. 

Two trades I feel are very possible, if the CBA is done and trades can happen.

1st:  Kyle Orton to Arizona for their 3rd (#69) and 5th (#133)....I was a Kyle fan, but feel he's worth as much now as he may ever be and if the CBA gets done, he's a top option for other teams looking for a solid vet starter. Value of 3rd and 5th would be equivalant to a low 2nd round (which Denver is asking for, or was)

2nd: Jabar Gaffney to St. Louis for their 4th (#111).  McDaniels is the new OC and he loves him some Gaffney.  Coming off one of his best seasons ever I feel McDaniels will fight to get him in their to help with a lacking receiving group, and we all know he's ok with giving up 4th round picks (ie. L. Maroney).


1st (#2) Patrick Peterson - CB - 6'1" 222

* Great athlete that helps keep our secondary as one of the best.  Hopefully getting to work with Bailey.


2nd (#36) Marvin Austin - DT - 6'2" 312

* Very talented player that seems powerfull and motivate to do something great


2nd (#46) Martez Wilson - ILB - 6'4" 250

* I feel we've been missing that leadership MLB since Al Wilson and feel this kid could be awesome


3rd (#67) Kenrick Ellis - DT - 6'5" 340

* He's huge and talented, but could become a powerful and great player for us with our DLine coaching staff teaching him.


3rd (#69 from Arizona) Lance Kendricks - TE - 6'3" 242

* A very solid blocking and receiving tight end that I feel we need very much, especially with a young QB


4th (#111 from St. Louis) K.J. Wright - OLB - 6'3" 246

* Hopefully a final piece to our linebacking group.  Very talented producer and leader.


5th (#133 from Arizona) - Chris Conte - FS - 6'3" 216

* This guy is fast, produces and with this size and just can help but think of S.Atwater and D.Smith.  Sure have missed them.


6th (#188) Markus White - DE - 6'4" 268

* I think at this point in the draft could end up being a great find.


7th (#194) Charles Clay - FB - 6'3" 239

* Huge producer and worker, would give us a big back w/ great receiving skills, good for both run and passing game going forward.


Well, thats not alot of details, but we've all probably read so much on so many of these players already.  I just wanted to get my version out there and see what you all thought.

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