High Value Late round prospects by position (WR)

As many fans have seen (with great envy in our case), late round prospects can be very rewarding. It has become common knowledge at this point that the better teams in the NFL right now have built through the draft. In addition, many of those teams draft picks have provided solid starters or adequate depth behind their lineup.This phenomena of 3rd or 5th round picks being starters can be a scary thought when we think about some of the players we have drafted in the past few years, but this is a reality to successful franchises like the Green Bay Packers.

My purpose here is to showcase some potential "sleeper" prospects if you will. These players will "impress for less" as i stated in my very first (and very sloppy) post last weekend.

The point of all this is to find success with later round picks which I think we can all agree, has not been the case for the Denver Broncos. In this post I will introduce some WR's who I feel could impress in a few years.

One important note is that this isn't a Mock draft or anything like that. I'm not ranking players in some way either. This is simply players, who I feel have potential and are being overlooked. This is meant to open your eyes to some guys in the later rounds who you might have never heard of before.

Finally, and very importantly, I'm not necessarily advocating we get all these players, or a specific one player. This is for you to see guys you haven't heard of ( I know your all tired of hearing Fairley, Bowers, etc) and maybe check back in a year or so to say, "Hey that Shy&O guy talked about this guy".

Okay so as many of you don't know yet, I care very little for our first round pick and even less for other teams first round picks. The only potential 1st rounders are maybe Hankerson and Baldwin, both of whom I feel may slip in the draft.

Jonathan Baldwin 6'4 230lbs

Baldwin is a big body receiver who can really surprise some of us in a few years. He has potential to be a similar player that's on our rivals roster. Guess who? I'm sure you have all heard a little about him already so I'll leave it at that.

Compares: Vincent Jackson

Leonard Hankerson 6'2 207lbs

Hankerson is a guy i really like because I feel he could fall (even after the Senior Bowl) and would be of really great value to us or any other team. Watching him reminded me of one of our Broncos players. He is fast and can stretch the field. Very fluid.

Compares: Brandon Lloyd

Jerrel Jernigan 5'9 185 lbs

Jernigan is an outstanding play-maker. He has phenomenal speed and explosion off the line. Very hard to bring down. He is worth a look for any team looking for a play maker. If he is there in the 4th he would be a steal.

Compares: Steve Smith

Randall Cobb 5'10 191lbs

Cobb is a great athlete who has played multiple positions on offense. He is fearless over the middle and is a great route runner to go along with his quickness.

Compares: Golden Tate

Greg Little 6'3 220lbs*

I really really like Greg Little. He is strong, makes tough catches, has great burst and separation. He couldn't play last year due to the NCAA violation in North Carolina. If this guy is available from the 4th onward he could be a major steal.

Compares: Anquan Boldin, Kenny Britt

Jeffrey Maehl 6'1 191lbs*

Maehl is a tremendous player. He is an excellent late round pick. Maehl is a kid I've been high on for a very long time. He is the most explosive player on the Ducks besides Lamichael James. Very deceptive speed. Gets behind a defense with regularity. Auburn was very scared of this kid.

Compares: Jordy Nelson

Terrance Tolliver 6'4 212lbs

I thought Tolliver would have been much better by now after watching his first year. He has talent. Great speed and size. Makes the deep catches very well. Never really made it to the top although he has the tools.

Compares: Steve Breaston

Vincent Brown 5'11 187lbs

Brown has speed to go deep and is explosive in short areas. Very tough and likes to block. Biggest hands in the combine which is why he never drops the ball.

Compares: I dunno but he could be a great late round player.

Dane Sanzenbacher 5'11 182lbs

One of the best route runners in this draft. Will make tough catches and bail out the quarterback.

compares: Brandon Stokley

Thanks guys I really want to do one on corners because I got a lot of information on them but it might take me a while. Peace.

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