A letter to 2 bunch of knuckle heads from one pissed off fan.

Dear NFLPA (The Knuckle Heads) and NFL Owners (The Chowder Heads),


Way to go to irrevocably damage America's Greatest game!


I dont think you guys have ANY idea how much the game means to some fans, and thru your combined lack of professionalism, foresight and straight up greediness, have no idea how you have basically turned fans like myself into basically not giving a flying crap about the game.


The only thing you guys have collectively agreed upon, through your lack of action and bone headedness, is to turn fans by the 1000's off the sport.


Here are some ideas I have for all of you:

  • De Smith...shut the hell up.
  • Pash....shut the hell up.
  • George can shut the hell up too.
  • Foxworth...same applies....
  • Drew Brees...give me a want fans to believe you give 2 doggy do-do's about get it....shut the hell up!!!!
Less talking and more doing would have helped from the get go!

All we have had from these fools is meaningless vitriol, no sense and a clueless idea that ANY of these parties can win the support of the fans.

Here is an idea fans......none of these guys deserve ANY of our support....and to think they honestly believe they can earn it shows us just how detached they are from what is going on in the REAL world.

In case these guys have not checked, the world is in a pretty sorry state at the moment. Earthquakes in New Zealand, Tsunamis in Japan, our economy in the tank, families getting by in life in with out health insurance, welfare getting cut and we some how need to feel sorry that the players dont have a big enough cut of a $1 Billion cake?????

PLEASE...cry me a freaking river!!!!

Football is more than just the 17 weeks of the season....more than just saying GO BRONCOS. For some people, its all they have......they use every bit of whats left of their disposable income to have something to believe in. For some fathers and sons, its the only thing they have in common. For those struggling, its a tiny bit of paradise that for a few hours a week takes them away from their pain and suffering.

Sports, and especially FOOTBALL, are glue that hold societies together in times of distress, and for some people, is the only passion they have. And these pack of rich, and, richer people want sympathy and support from us. Well, they can go jam that!

As is often the case with those with money: Too many dollars, not enough sense!

In closing, you guys have put a dent in one of the few passions I have in this country, and the flippant way in which both the NFLPA and the Owners have so easily turned their backs on the fans in pursuit of the almighty greenback when so many of us are doing it tough just shows us your true colors.

Good luck ever winning this fans support back.

Peace to all the fans....and to the NFLPA and the Owners........I honestly just dont care anymore.......and thats something I never thought I would say about football.

Gone and done for the future,


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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