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I've watched with interest as the NFL implodes and a bunch of greedy multi millionaire players (and their hangers on) argue with a bunch of billionaire owners and have tried to think of a sensible solution.

IMHO they should scrap the idea whereby owners get first slice of the cake (whether it be one or two billion) with up to 59.25% of the balance going to the players. I propose that each individual franchise be required to declare their income for the past season and to split this for the current season on a straight 50/50 basis. Let's say on average a franchise makes $280 million then $140 million should go to the players.

How this is allocated to the players is the next point. NFL draft players (who have yet to prove themselves in the NFL) should have a pre-determined contract set at $xx for first round pick and a percentage of this for second round pick and a lesser percentage for the third round, etc. 

This should be seen as a settling in period in terms of income and their real value contacts should come in their third season where their agent and the team negotiate a contract on the basis of the players NFL value, in the knowledge that the franchise is required to pay ALL $140 million (or whatever the 50% is) to the players.

In terms of the playing schedule there should be 2 only pre-season games - one at home, one away followed by a two week playing break, followed by an 18 game competitive season. I don't buy in to the idea that the players will be too tired or they may get injured. European Soccer players can play in excess of 50 games per season and they are on the pitch for a full 90 minutes as opposed to NFL guys spending the higher percentage of the game on the sideline. In relation to the possibility of injuries Rugby Union and Rugby League players play on average 35 games a season in an equal, or more physically demanding games for more than 80 minutes (again with no bench time) once, or sometimes twice, a week.

I understand the average NFL player is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but why they expect owners to pay them in their old age, when they've squandered their millions beggars belief. Maybe a percentage of the player total income should be put aside (out of the hands of the club) to assist these "ex NFL life failures".

As for the current players, they should be rich enough to arrange their own insurance and set aside enough for their future given their playing career in like to be only a decade.

The voice of reason?? - I look forward to your comments

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