45 Days til the NFL Draft Mock Draft

Well the draft is 45 days from now and we don't have alot of clarity on a New CBA or Free Agency.  I think that Denver is going into the draft and will try to fill as many holes on the team as possible.

My new big board

1.      Marcell Dareus - 6'3" 319lbs - DT - Alabama

2.      Von Miller - 6'3" 245lbs - OLB - Texas A&M

3.      Nick Fairley - 6'4" 297lbs- DT - Auburn

4.      DaQuan Bowers - 6'3" 280lbs - DE - Clemson

5.      Patrick Peterson - 6'0" 219lbs - CB/S - LSU

2011 NFL Draft

1st Round Pick-------------------------------------------------------------------------------TRADE -  Denver trades the #2 pick to Cincy for their 1st , 2nd and 2012 2nd Round PIck and they draft Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton - QB - I think Carson Palmer is done in Cincy and they will jump Buffalo and draft a QB.

1st Round Pick -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Marcel Dareus - DT - Alabama - 6'3" 319lbs - Denver drafts this big DT to fill it's biggest hole.


2nd Round Pick(#35 via Cincy)--------------------------------------------------------------   Mikel Leshoure - RB - Illinios - 6'0" 227lbs -  John Fox drafts Leshoure to team with Moreno just like he did with Jonathon Stewart with DeAngelo Williams.


2nd Round Pick(#36)---------------------------------------------------------------------------   Trade - Denver trades this pick to Philly for their 2nd , 3rd and 4th Round Picks

2nd Round Pick(#46)---------------------------------------------------------------------------   Marvin Austin - DT - North Carolina - 6'3" 309lbs - Denver teams Austin with Dareus to give Denver 2 good DT's.


2nd Round Pick(via Philly)--------------------------------------------------------------------   Marcus Cannon - RT/G - 6'5" 350lbs - Denver has no depth on the Oline and must address it's RT position.


3rd Round Pick-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Greg Jones - ILB - Michigan St. 6'0" 242lbs - Fox loves his LB's and they don't have to be huge.


3rd Round Pick(via Philly)---------------------------------------------------------------------    Chris Culliver - FS - South Carolina -6'0" 200lbs -  Culliver is a great athlete and played CB/S at South Carolina.


4th Round Pick(via Philly)---------------------------------------------------------------------    DaNorris Searcy - SS - UNC - 5'11" 223lbs -  Denver drafts another Safety and Searcy has alot of talent.


6th Round Pick-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Lee Smith - TE - Marshall - 6'6" 269lbs - Big blocking TE.


7th Round Pick-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Weslye Saunders - TE - South Carolina - 6'5" 267lbs - Saunders was suspended then they found a broke bone in his foot.



Final Thoughts

1.       Denver traded 5 Times in 2010 , so there is a good possiblity that they trade 2-3 times this year.

2.       I still think Denver needs so talent and depth on the Oline.  Even if Harris resigns who plays there when he gets hurt again.

3.       I do think RB is in the equation in the first 3 rounds.  John Fox loves his RB's and Denver will probably draft another one.

4.       By adding Marcell Dareus , Marvin Austin , Greg Jones , Chris Culliver , Denorris Searcy the defense will be infused with some great talent.

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