Don't be surprised if...

Just some random thoughts/pre-draft musings.

I'm looking very forward to the draft.  I can't take all of the analysis of the lockout seriously, so I'm choosing to focus on the draft.

And I sorta hope players go to the draft.  Especially if they are going to continue to wear outfits that a bad guy from Dick Tracy would approve of (a la Jalen Rose's McDonald's red 47 button suit) or just a straight-up pimp getup like Neon Deion's back in 1989.  Last year I saw some jacket-less guys sporting a dress shirt with blinged out suspenders and old school Mr. Peanut spats.  Classy.


(Pics from and

Anyway, after the jump, this is all just my gut talking here.  So argue away if you think I'm a fool for thinking some of these things, but hey, it's just one man's opinion.

So, without further delay, here's my "Don't be Surprised if..." list for 3/16... 


Steven Paea is gone in the first round

Nobody trades into or out of the top 5 (all of those teams desperately need blue chip talent)

Buffalo does something crazy at #3

A player who had been mentioned as a possibility for Denver falls out of the top 10

Denver doesn't take a Safety or RB at all

Chicago takes a QB on the 2nd day

Carson Palmer is a starter next year, but not in Cincinatti

Kyle Orton is not a starter at some point next season, and not in Denver

Knowshon is in a 50/50 platoon at RB next year

Kevin Kolb is an Eagle next year

Denver takes a late round TE (no, Kyle Rudolph is not on their radar)

San Diego targets Julio Jones, but they'll have to trade UP to get him - even though they should focus on DL

Carolina takes all 10 minutes to make their first pick.  I don't think they have any idea what to do with it.

The Jets take a D-Lineman late in the 1st that Denver was hoping would fall to them in the 2nd.

Denver makes waves when Free Agency opens

Denver's payroll is significantly higher than it has been in the past few seasons

Denver drafts an Offensive Lineman and also brings in an FA Offensive Lineman to start

Denver makes no trades during the draft unless they trade 2012 picks for 2011 picks

SF doesn't draft a day 1 QB

Ryan Mallett is a Titan next year

Denver's quarterback depth chart looks drastically different than it did last season by week 1

Chicago trades it's 1st round pick (up or down)

Jimmy Smith is the first Buff drafted (looking in your direction, Indy)


Go Broncos!

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