Mile High Report and The Fans

Recently MHR was given access to interview COO Joe Ellis. As a fan blog that is a huge deal. Some people have wondered why and I am posting to give my thoughts. 

The Broncos Organization has come to understand that MHR is the absolute voice of the fan. John allows EVERY opinion to be articulated as long as it is done well and thought out.

I remember what a big deal it was a few years ago when MHR received a press pass for training camp. At that time almost NO blogs or fan forums were given that type of access.

MHR has also had players come on MHR radio for interviews, transcripts of interviews given only to the "press" and other such access to the Broncos that five years ago would have been unheard of.

To me that speaks volumes of what this site has evolved into from where it came from. A few of us were here in the beginning when John Started this site looking for a way to express his opinions in the midst of the Cutler/ Plummer debate. Since then it has grown from an area to express opinions to one of the best sites on the web for not only Broncos access but Football knowledge. 

Some of our former front page staff have started their own site  which, while a great site, does not give the same outlet to the fan as MHR does. Those who are here know they have the right to intelligent debate and thoughtful posts. 

Lately we have become an attacking bunch, which can be understood as the Organization sits at possibly its lowest point ever. I challenge us as a fan base to not get caught up in squabbling that would makes us your everyday raiders fan. Instead of name calling and insults (which I can be guilty of just as much as anyone else) we should look for facts and such which support our statements or opinions. Even if it is a gut feeling there has to be a train of logic behind it, so feel free to share. When you disagree use the same idea facts and logic usually help others to at least see your side even if you don't agree. 

For those of you who know either myself or McGeorge and have seen some of our conversations, you will know he and I do not always agree. However, McGeorge has at times made me see his point of view without calling me names by simply stating either facts or logic behind his opinions.

I challenge all of us to keep this in mind as it is in fact the site rules. Here are a few ideas to get your fanposts and ideas through the masses.

In the end...


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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