John Elway and John Fox at Missouri's Pro Day

***I closed the comments on this post.  I did so due to the fact that it was headed down a path of pure negativity.  I know this has happened in the past with posts like this, and with certain individuals involved.  I am asking, politely, that it stop now!

Please, by all means, have your opinion - and by all means I want people to feel ok about disagreeing with it, but do so - once! To continue to dwell on a point is tiresome.  Certain people believe that Broncos ownership does not have the hots for Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton.  Other believe that they do. The truth is none of us know for sure how the Broncos feel.  We'll find out at the Draft, then during the summer, then once the season starts.  While I know some people enjoy debating the subject, many do not.

That said, the Fan Posts section is for post's like this.  If you do not like a particular post, or poster, please ignore them.  With over 8000 members we are not all going to agree on everything.  Like any real community of 8000 people, we are going to figure out who we enjoy 'hanging' out with and who we do not.  MHR should be no different.  I hope that makes sense.


So what does this say about Denver's draft intentions???  I have said this repeated times that I don't think that John Elway and John Fox are sold on either Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow.

It was also reported that The Denver Broncos are bringing Jake Locker in for a meeting.  Each team only has 30 invites , so this isn't a smoke screen.

What we have here is a team that is kicking the tires on the top QB prospects of the 2011 NFL Draft.

 I have said this before that if John Elway and John Fox believe there is a QB who will improve the team - it will draft them.

Elway in my mind wants a QB like Tom Brady , Drew Brees , Aaron Rodgers , Peyton Manning.  He wants a winner who will throw darts against a Defense like Aaron Rodgers did against The Pittsburgh Steelers

I am officially stating that Denver might be interested in drafting Blaine Gabbert.

I think that alot has to do with a new CBA.  If there is a new deal before the draft that Denver might trade Orton or Tebow and draft Blaine Gabbert.  The most likely being Orton because he has a higher trade value than Tebow.  Orton most likely would command a 2nd Round Pick while Tim Tebow a 3rd or 4th Round Pick.


Say Blaine Gabbert isn't drafted by The Carolina Panthers Denver might just make him there draft choice.

1st Round Pick ---------------------------------------------   Blaine Gabbert - 6'4" 240lbs - QB - Missouri -  Denver drafts a true passing QB.


Trade - after drafting Blaine Gabbert - Denver trades Kyle Orton to the Vikings for their 2nd Round Pick.

2nd Round Pick --------------------------------------------   Jabaal Sheard - DE - Pittsburgh - 6'4" 260lbs - Sheard is rising fast up draft boards and would give Denver another good DE.  Had 9 sacks in 2010.


2nd Round Pick(via Vikings)----------------------------    Marvin Austin - DT -  UNC - 6'3" 309lbs -  Austin is a penetrating DT and he would give Denver some much needed talent and youth at DT.


2nd Round Pick--------------------------------------------    Kendrick Ellis - DT - Hampton - 6'5" 345lbs - John Fox loves his Big DT's to be space eaters and Ellis fits the bill.


3rd Round Pick --------------------------------------------     TRADE DOWN - Denver trades this pick down to around 85th and picks up a extra 4th and 5th Round Pick.

3rd Round Pick(85th)-------------------------------------     Mason Foster - OLB - Washington - 6'2" 242lbs - Foster is a tackling machine and a solid addition to the LB core.


4th Round Pick ---------------------------------------------    Chris Culliver   - FS - South Carolina - 6'0" 200lbs - Culliver is a excellent prospect who played both CB and S.


5th Round Pick ----------------------------------------------   Alex Green - RB - Hawaii - 6'0" 225lbs -  a BIG RB.


6th Round Pick ----------------------------------------------   Jarriel King - OT - South Carolina - 6'5" 315lbs -  needs work but has a ton of talent.


7th Round Pick ----------------------------------------------    Lee Smith - TE - Marshall - 6'6" 269lbs - A good blocking TE.



 Denver would then get it's QB of the Future in Blaine Gabbert.

2 - DT's - Marvin Austin and Kendrick Ellis

1 - DE  - Jabaal Sheard

1 - OLB - Mason Foster

1 - FS - Chris Culliver

1 - RB - Alex Green

1 - TE - Lee Smith

1 - OT - Jarriel King

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