John Elway was great QB and he knows he wants a new QB

I really think that that we need an upgrade at the QB postion, so in an attempt to right what McDaniels wronged EFX needs to make some changes. They've brought in both Jake Locker as well as Blaine Gabbert for private workouts, so CLEARLY they aren't happy at the QB position. We definitely need to upgrade. So here's what I'll predict we do.


Free agency:

Matt Hasselbeck



He's a proven commodity if he can stay healthy. Seattle probably won't re-sign him so we need to pick him up.


The draft:

Round 1: 2nd pick overall

Cam Newton



He's an exciting young talent, will draw national attention and will be the new star in denver. He doesn't have great throwing mechanics, but he and Tebow can work together to improve their throwing technique together. Tebow can help make him more humble, and he can help Tebow become a "celebrity".  And they can both learn and develop under Hasselbeck and Orton can help them improve their play outside of the redzone.


Round 2: 36th pick overall


Jake Locker




He's raw yet talented and we brought him in for a private visit, so we will definitely draft him. There are some questions about his accuracy but since he and Hasselbeck both live in Seattle, then he will definitely get better.


2nd Round: 46th Overall



He has some character questions so he'll fall a little in the draft. He is OUTSTANDING when in the pocket and has deadly accuracy. He has some character questions but it's okay. With Tebow to mentor him he'll turn out okay. He can help Tebow, Locker, and Newton learn how to be more accurate when in the pocket.

Round 3: 67th pick overall

Colin Kaepernick



He really did well at the combine, has some good leadership skills. He has a cool name, and elway will be happy to take him under his wing.


So in the first 3 rounds we really concentrated at upgrading a position of need. The other rounds we can use to draft some other guys.  But, of course next year is important as well because John Fox won't work out. So EFX will become EHX. Elway and Xanders will trade Fox to the 49rs for......

Jim harbaugh



Because he and Elway both went to Stanford, this is a no brainer.

Which leads me to my favorite QB prospect in 10 years.

Eway+Harbaugh+stanford = Luck





He is just awesome, good accuracy, good leadership, played at stanford, is tall, and can get touchdowns.


Oh and also, Brady Quinn is a good backup too. Here he is standing next to Tebow and helping him learn football.



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