Another Crack at It

So I've been without internet or television for about a week and a half now. I must say it is nice to finally have the internet back, but that's not why you came looking at this article is it? Here's another look at a mock offseason. Hope to see you after the jump

Many mocks have the Broncos picking up several players in the FA. While this would be nice, I really don't see this happening. The uncertainty of the CBA has caused for much speculation and worrying among football fans. I do not know whether or not the CBA will be done in time for the draft, but I hope it will be. This, I believe is going to greatly affect how the Broncos go about looking for players in the draft. it's beggining to look like their won't be a FA until after the draft and if that is the case the Broncos cannot bank on filling any of their needs in the FA and therefore must draft some of those needs. That being said I do think the Broncos will make some nice additions in the FA and we will see quite a difference in our beloved team at the start of the next season.

I think most of us can agree that when drafting players a team drafts for need and best talent available. Which one you draft first is a personal philosophy so I'm not going to go into that. But with that in mind and the CBA up in the air I think some of us may be surprised on draft day.

Ok, so we have all pretty much beaten the dead horse on who we are going to pick at number two and whether or not we think the Broncos will be able to trade down from the number 2 spot. Thus I'm just going to throw in a short reason why I think each player is taken and not make you read an article advocating one player or another. Think of this as a guideline to how I think the team will draft and not exactly who they will draft.

Anyways on with the show...

#2 Pick Nick Fairly/Marcell Dareus

I think Denver goes for the best DL available. I know many of us worry about Fairly's attitude problems and the one year wonder status but he could still be a great DL and I truly believe that between Fox, Nunely, Allen, and Elway that the Broncos can keep Fairly in check if they decide on him. That being said I also see them skipping Fairly for Dareus. Either way the Broncos pick up an elite DL to address the front 7.

#36 Pick Gabe Carimi (Best OT available)

To be honest I'm not really sure who the Broncos would pick up to RT but Fox has recently said that both lines are a priority. On top of this, it is not looking like the Broncos are going to resign Harris. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. Either way the team has to address RT in the draft as it cannot depend on the FA for this position. Plus if Tebow is the starting quarterback we are going to need some talent to take up his blindside.

#46 Pick Martez Wilson, Greg Jones

I think Denver picks up Wilson if he is still available at this point in the draft, but I don't see him falling this far into the second round. That being said I think Jones will be a good second choice. He's a little bit undersized but as a lot of us have read, Fox likes a little bit smaller of a LB. On top of this, thanks to Kaptain's article on Production Ratio we know that Greg Jones has a 1.21 ratio. The only ILB with a higher ratio is Nate Irving. He may not be the answer at Mike but he's a tackling machine that was a productive pass rusher from a position that's not known for being a pass rushing position. Thus I think he could be more valuable than most of us believe once we get into Allen's blitz schemes.

#67 Pick Robert Sands

A freak as far as size and athleticism goes in the safety position. Made the transition from WR to DB and has shown he has the soft hands to make picks. I think that in a short amount of time he will be an excellent SS.

#184 Pick Alex Green

Big running back to complement Moreno. Could be good might not be. Worth a pick at this point in the draft

#194 Pick Henry Hynoski

Finally Denver gets a FB to help its running game

Cuts / Acquisitions

Notable Cuts: Daniel Graham, Ryan Harris, Correl Buckhalter, Renaldo Hill, Jamal Williams


Charles Johnson DE, played with Fox and would be going to a team better than his last one (man it feels good to say that). Wasn't tagged by Carolina either. Had 12 sacks last season with the panthers. I think he would be an immediate upgrade to our DL as well. Probably our biggest FA acquisition besides Champ.

Owen Daniels TE, played for Houston and has had some really good season. Solid run blocker and great pass catcher. He was hurt most of last season but came back at the end and showed he's going to be just fine. Houston has an up and coming TE so I really don't see them keeping Daniels. Would start right away for us and be our third biggest FA pickup

O.J. Atogwe/Roman Harper S, I like Atogwe more but would settle for Harper as well. Denver needs help at safety and either of these guys could come in, start, and provide an upgrade over last season. Neither of these guys would demand a contract that would break the bank either.

So there you have it. Once again this mock assumes there is no CBA before the draft and that Denver can't trade out of #2.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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