A Case for Von Miller

So I have been thinking about this for the past few days, and apparently I am not the only one.  There is a serious man crush on Von Miller since the combine and I seem to have fell victim to his spell... either way here is my 2 cents on why I think he should be coming our way...

 Von Miller is the perfect fit for the Broncos and fills our biggest need of upgrading our front 7.  The Broncos can't stop the run or create pressure, and Von Miller can instantly improve both.  He is the perfect blend of size and speed with instincts to be a game changer, something our defense has been lacking for quite some time.  Miller is a pass rushing machine from the LB position and creates huge matchup issues with his speed.  A great defense has at least 3 guys in the front 7 that can create pressure and adding someone with pass rushing ability from the LB spot would cause all kinds of issues for the opposing O-line.  Having to worry about Elvis and Ayers up front is one thing, but then having to account for Miller as well would create massive problems.

Also, the draft is deep with DT and DB but not with LB so if we are going to get an impact player at LB, which we desperately need, it will have to be in the first round.  The only impressive LB's are Miller, Akeem Ayers, and Martez Wilson and they will all go in the first round.  We could pick up DT's Paea, Austin, or Wilkerson or DB's Banks, Dowling, or Harris all in the 2nd round. I feel like a starting LB core of DJ (MIKE), Miller (SAM), and Woodyard (WILL) and a D-Line of Ayers, Doom, Austin/Wilkerson, and Bannan with guys like Mays, Haggan, Thomas and Paea as depth players looks much better than having to start guys like Mays, Haggan, Thomas, or Jamal in our front 7 again.

We may not have the best defensive backfield on paper.  Champ is great but Dawkins is old and slow and the rest are too young or injury prone.  Are young guys struggled at time last year, but when you can't get any pressure you can only expect so much.  Another year of experience and development and an improved pass rush may make a huge difference and give us a new prospective on those guys.  Also, at the combine, Xanders mentioned he felt our defensive backfield was a strong group, leading me to believe that it may not be our #1 priority.  I have also heard that Xanders has stated our first round pick would be an explosive guy, someone with great character who could cause negative plays in the run and pass game (not word for word but something along those lines).

Other Thoughts:

-"The guys in both lines, both offensively and defensively, are as good as I can remember," Fox said. "There are a couple guys at the top of the linebacking group that are interesting, but the offensive and defensive lines are the deepest spots."

-From Fox in the Denver Post on 3/2/2011.  Another sign we may be looking at LB first then DL in the 2nd.

-Broncos' best defenses had great LB's such as Wilson, Gold, and Mobley.  If we want to have a good defense again we need a strong LB core, especially in a 4-3. 

-Von Miller is a perennial 10 sack a year guy and if Doom can rack up 10 sacks, Ayers can improve in the 4-3 and pick up 5-10 this year then we are pushing 25-30 sacks just from these 3 guys.

-Taking Von helps getting the right guys at the right positions. DJ had his most productive year as a MLB (141 Tackles, 2nd in the league in 2008).  Woodyard is a good fit at WLB because he has strong coverage skills, speed, and ability to maneuver through traffic.  Von excelled at the SAM in the senior bowl and showed that he can not only blitz effectively from that position but that he has the versatility to cover the TE and enough size for run support.

-Is he a Reach at #2?  Maybe, but he is also the safest pick in the entire draft and we can't

afford another underachieving first round pick.  In addition, the new rookie wage scale will be in effect with the new CBA so the financial liability will be considerably less.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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