A Different Mock 2.0

Lets dispense with the pleasantries.

We all know why we're here. We want to gawk at all the potential talent Denver can add to their roster. These players haven't let us down, yet. They are all superstars in the making. They are Alphonso Smith before he became Alphonso Smith - all upside and hope.

Trades: Cincy trades the 4th overall and the 35th overall for the 2nd overall plus a future 4th round pick.

In this scenario Carolina drafts Newton, Cincy drafts Gabbert, and Buffalo drafts Peterson.

Round One: FIGHT

4th Overall

Marcell Dareus - DT

Fox and the brain trust is over joyed with how the draft has turned out so far. Dareus, while not without questions, is an elite prospect that will run stuff and occupy blockers. He's a high character guy and endears himself with fans with his upbeat attitude and work ethic.

Round Two: FIGHT

35th Overall

Corey Liguet - DT

A first round prospect in the early second round that fills a need is exactly where Fox and co go with this pick. After barely getting passed the Bears (who opt for OL help on a falling prospect themselves) Liguet makes his home in Denver. Liguet, next to Dareus, will be a force. He can get into the backfield and make the play. Suprisingly versatile, Liguet becomes a day one starter with his pass rush ability.

36th Overall

Mark Ingram - RB

I've mocked him falling to us before and this time is no different. With back to back picks and two solid DL selections the Broncos opt for this work horse to further bolster our RB corp. With three punishing RBs the Broncos look to run down the throats of all who oppose them with the smash mouth styles of Lendale, Moreno, and Ingram. With three punishing runners the Broncos are able to wear defenses down. Did I say three? I meant four. Don't forget Tebow. Now extremely weary of our four pronged rushing attack opposing defences cringe at having to deal with our tough, physical offense. Ingram makes more sense than you'd think.

46th Overall

Martez Wilson - ILB

Martez brings a lot of athleticism to our LB corp, but is not without risk. Fox and co decide to reach for him a bit hoping to stock up on quality defenders for Denver's new look defense. To say Martez is athletic is an understatement, but after a terrible pro day this pick is entrenched with Risk. Fox believes he can coach him up and Denver fans around the country hope so as well.

Round Three: FIGHT

65th Overall

Bruce Carter - OLB

Another surprise faller goes to Denver as Fox picks an extremely talented LB in the early third round. Viewed as a 1st round talent who fell due to an ACL tear, Carter instantly upgrades our LBs alongside Martez. Has great size and athleticism but lacks elite instincts to be considered an elite prospect. Injury concerns are a draw back but his upside and positional value make him an easy pick.

Round Six: Fight

Keo Shiloh - SS

I love this kid. If we don't draft him I'll be dissapointed. Great fundementals and a relentless motor. Played for a smaller school and his production diminished in his senior year. Rave reviews from Deon Sanders and Mayock. An absolute steal in the sixth and my vote for the biggest sleeper of the draft. Seriously. Watch this kids combine. He is full out on every drill. This kid will make an NFL team better for the price of a 6th round pick.

And with that I'm done. Thoughts? Musings? I'd be estatic with this draft.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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