Gabbert and Newton: Let's pay a visit to fantasy land

People read about these guys being in the discussion for the first overall pick and instantly assume that they are of the Stafford, Bradford, Luck caliber.   That truely could not be any farther from the truth.  These two men have serious problems, really serious flaws in their games.

Just think about this hypothetical situation.   Imagine if Tim Tebow was in this draft, and you told the Panthers and Broncos this:


"look at the guy's collegiate history and his intangibles.  Now we have undeniable proof that over 3 NFL games his throwing motion did not and will not effect his ability to complete passes in any way.  We also have undeniable evidence that in three NFL starts he showed tremendous promise and led a come from behind victory against a quality NFL team (their defense is brutal, but as a team the Texans are a decent NFL team) and will almost lead a come from behind victory against a far superior team.  He will also keep the Broncos close against a team that earlier in the season blew out the Broncos at home like noone has ever done before. 

At the combine Tebow will show measurements (3-cone drill) that hint towards short area quickness and agility that have never been seen at the QB position.  Then in the NFL he will prove that his short area quickness and strength will make him harder to sack then most NFL QBs, as well as demonstrate that on a play with a free rusher Tebow will be able to muscle and burst forward for a few extra yards that most QBs would have had to absorb on the sack.  In the end, Tebow will show during his rookie season glimpses of the type of power running that has never been seen before at the QB position, and will give fans a glimpse as to why legendary football minds like Belichick thought that Tebow would change the NFL game while he was still at Florida.

On top of this, you will pay Tebow a tiny fraction of the amount of money that Bradford and Suh got last season."

Does that situation make it seem like there would be any doubt what the Panthers would do at #1 overall?
If Denver already has that guy on the team, with that type of salary, what reason does anyone have for thinking that they will draft a QB (Gabbert or Newton) at #2 overall who has the exact same amount of flaws that Tebow had?

As fans, don't be persuaded by the idea that Gabbert or Newton might go #1 overall, and then apply it to Tebow (who went mid-20's) and think that Gabbert or Newton must be a far superior NFL prospect than Tebow. 

Newton and Gabbert come from a spread offense and have far more concerns about taking snaps from center and their footwork than Tebow currently does, because Tebow has been doing this for over a year now and has shown in the NFL that he is more than capable in this area (still needs work, but he is probably working on it right now as I type this).

Newton has a stronger arm than Tebow, but that is nitpicking because Tebow has more than enough arm strength to make any throw on the field.  Gabbert has the arm strength as well to make any throw, but if we are nitpicking than Tebow probably has more power in his arm than Gabbert.  

Gabbert is the most accurate of the three, but Tebow has the best downfield accuracy of the bunch.  Newton has serious short to mid-accuracy issues that he will need to answer.

Newton is definitely on the same level as Tebow when running the ball, but they run very differently.  Tebow is a power runner and Newton is more of a Vince Young runner (long strides that take time to get up to speed).  Gabbert is not even close to Newton and Tebow as a runner.

Also, where Florida won a national championship game because of Tim Tebow, Auburn won their game inspite of Newton.

Only Tebow has ever had to make NFL reads, and only Tebow has ever studied defenses at the NFL level.

Best case scenario for players like Newton and Gabbert is that they answer their biggest red flags in their rookie seasons, the way Tebow did with his throwing motion.  Then they win a few games and show the same type of promise that Tebow did in his rookie season. 

The Broncos already have a player in Tebow that has played his rookie season at the level that would be considered the upper echelon of performance for either Gabbert and Newton.  If you don't think that Tebow played about as well as anyone thought he would, and showed far more promise than anyone thought he would, then in my opinion your out of your mind.

For the sake of the arguments that are sure to follow, I am a pro-Tebow individual.  However I firmly believe that he is every bit the equal of Gabbert and Newton today as a prospect.  Now notice how I said today, and not coming out of college.  Tebow played better than most everyone expected and that absolutely is part of the equation that the Broncos front office will look at.  The major difference is that Tebow costs a fraction of the price and he comes with a guy like Dareus.

I understand how some people will say that they don't think Elway is convinced on Tebow or whatever else will surely be said.  No one knows what Elway truely thinks about Tebow, we can only evaluate what we have seen on the field and what we know about the three players. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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