The curious case of quarterback controversy..

So you’ve heard that EFX have gone to the pro days of quarterback prospects. Now what? Panic? What about our defensive line?? What about our aging secondary??? What about our lack of linebacker depth???? And for the love of Moses WHAT ABOUT TEBOW?????

We’ve all read the "smokescreen" theories, and we’ve all heard Elway talk about how Tebow is "raw" and how he needs some time to fully develop. We’ve also heard similar sentiment from Fox as well as Xanders. The same song and dance about "we need to look at every position" and we’re "just doing what’s best for the Broncos". Elway has repeated many times that "If we were to play a game today, Orton is our starter". So, does that mean there is no Tebow love from the new sheriffs in town?

I urge everyone to not panic and no, this does not mean that all of our converted Marshall jerseys will go to waste. Do we need to go buy orange/blue/white Newton/Mallet/Locker patches and hope that they take number 6 when they get here? I don’t think so and let me tell you why.

I can’t remember where I read this and don’t want to take full credit for this reasoning and in fact I may have read it here at MHR.  But before we panic about QB controversies let’s take our eyes to another franchise real fast.

Try and name the team: This team had a long term starter at QB, BELOVED by the fans, celebrated, and fans had crazy amounts of sentiment for him. This team drafts a QB in the first round, knowing that the current starter doesn’t have many years left.  My man stays the backup QB for three years, just sitting on the bench waiting for his turn. Some fans say "I’d rather the old guy stay for another year than to see this unproven young kid take over". Well, old gun finally retires and is the young kid given the starting position? Sure…but only after the team drafts a QB in the 2nd AND 7th rounds of the same draft.

Flash forward to a few years later, this kid leads his team……and WINS the superbowl.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about the Green Bay Packers.  The year Favre retired, the year Rodgers was to be the starter; the Pack drafted both Brian Brohm (2nd round) and Matt Flynn (7th round) in the 2008 draft. And there was not much love for Rodgers from the fans, media, or draft experts.

Well......good thing the fans, media and draft experts don't run the packers. This past year Rodgers was hurt, and Flynn came in to start in his place and threw 3 TDs for 254 yards.  Since that game the Pack have been receiving trade offers for Flynn.

Check out this little snippit:

The author states:

"Overall Rodgers might be the most unreliable ( Health Wise) QB in the league. Besides that terrible BACKUP QB over in New York, Pennington.

Now Brian Brohm on the other hand. This valuable QB just came off a spectacular 12-1 season with Louisville. He has a 65% completion percentage. He threw for over 4000 yards in his last NCAA season. He has the potential to carry the packers for a few years."


Here are what some "experts" said about Brohm and Rodgers


"I like Brohm better than Rodgers"

"I think he has good touch, good timing.......i like him, I honestly think brian brohm I think two years from now will be the starting qb for the packers.  I think he has more upside than rodgers"


Suppose in the draft we draft a guy like Jake Locker in the 2nd round. No reason to panic friends, we may end up trading Orton or Quinn, or both. Who knows what could happen.

So what can the Packers situation tell us about the one we’re in? It’s not the end of Tebow mania as we know it. So all the Tebow supporters out there don’t panic, just give EFX some time to build this team. And all you Tebow detractors don’t worry either, cause we may find a diamond QB in the rough. Whether you like Tebow, or hate Tebow or like Newton/Mallet/Locker or hate them all we’re all Bronco fans here. So let’s not jump to conclusions just yet and put our faith in EFX.

Oh, and here's Brady Quinn still standing next to Tebow and helping him learn football.



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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