Mock Draft....NO TRADES...

   In this mock draft I'll keep our draft picks. IMO the 6 biggest needs are: DT, OLB, MLB, DT, then 2 of either a RB, TE, or RT.  Lets begin.

           1-2) Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M (6-3  246  4.42). What would be better then just getting Doom back for next year? Getting a guy the can play LBer and rush the passer as good as Doom. The guy can just flat out play football.  Will start from day 1 at WLB. I can see him lineup opposite of Doom in nickle and dime situations. I fell bad for that OL coach.  

           2-36) Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor ( 6-3  334  5.09). Fox likes to have 1 big DT and 1 average sized DT. Taylor fills the need of BIG DT. With him and Vickerson, to go with Doom and Ayers, we could have a good pass rushing/ run stuffing DL.

          2-46) Greg Jones, ILB, Michigan ( 6-1  240  4.65). A solid player who could help us get over the Wilson withdrawals. With him, DJ and Miller we could see the days when we had Wilson, Gold and Mobley. Fast linebackers who can cover ground in a hurry. Jones started his career at Michigan State as a SLB, so he could start at SLB this year and then take over the middle next year. A 3-year 100+ tackling machine.  

          3-67) DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma ( 6-0  213  4.37). Great size...check. Great speed...check. Great hands out of the back field...check. He could really help take some pressure of Tebow/Orton and Moreno. Would be second fidle to Moreno for this year, but by next year he could take over for Moreno. 


          6-188) Schuylar Oordt, TE, Northern Iowa ( 6-6  245  4.59). A big, 4-sport athlete that plays more like a basketball player then a football player. With guys like Gates and Gonzales making jumps from Basketball to Football as TE's, I think that Oordt would be a good pick up who could, given time, develop into a fine NFL TE.


          7-194) Zach Clayton, DT, Auburn (6-2  299  4.85) Already impressed coach Fox at his pro day. I believe that he could be as good as Fairley without the extra stuff. He was the guy that took on multiply linemen for the better of the players around him. He allow Fairley to become the well know name that he is. Would be a good rotational guy this year and a starter down the road.  


So there you have it. We improved our DL, our Lbers and added some depth at TE and RB. With time this could become a good draft for our Denver Broncos.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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