Perfect Mock (no trades) von miller fox schedule 2nd work out

von miller 2nd workout scheduled with broncos

Round 1:Pick  #2 Von Miller 6'3, 243 pounds | Outside linebacker  Texas A&M sack master the most complete linebacker plays SAM and is a pass rush specialist. fox cant pass up on his abilitys


Round 2: Pick #36 Stephen Paea  6'1, 305 poundsDT Oregon S T. we get great value and he is very powerful and strong 49 reps great at getting turnovers by stripping the ball something he brought over from rugby.


Round 2:Pick  #46 Bruce Carter 6'3, 235 pounds | OLB North Carolina was top 15 pick before tearing acl comes back strong for the broncos is a very solid linebacker great speed reported running sub 4.4 in past


Round 3:Pick #67 Robert Sands 6'4, 221 pounds | FS  West Virgina i like this guy alot hes got great range and length he could be the  new orange crush steve atwater good speed at 4.5 and hits hard great ball hawking beingable to hi point the ball

Round6:Pick #188 Julius Thomas 6'5, 251 pounds | TE Portland State has skills to be a redzone very raw still

Round6:PIck #194 Henry Hynoski 6'2, 260 pounds | FB Pittsburg hard nosed fullback that punishes linebackers larsen moves back to his orginal position since we need depth back up fb aswell

Round7:Pick #244 Weslye Saunders 6'5, 280 pounds | TE  South Carolina State we throw are last pick at a guy that could be great if julius thomas doesnt pan out



I believe this draft would be very strong for us and would recharge the deffense by adding von miller and bruce carter we would fill both linebacker positions with star potentional. leaving are only quality linebacker in the middle dj williams although joe mays might have to fill for the beguinning of the seaon. steven paea would fill a starting DT alongside of vickerson. robert sands could become one of the most feard dbacks in the game at free safety maybe give guys like b marsh something a little more to worry about. Thomas has great upside as a recieving skills but could be bust so we take weslye saunders a huge target at 6'5" 280 and can probally block decent because of size and is qithout a question a large man to bring down. got some trouble but could clean his act if tebow pushes him hard enough. larsen needs to move back so we take Henry Hynoski a heavy hitting fullback that can lay the smack and put fear in defenders. This draft would cover all three levels on the new orange crush D and would also bennefit the offense a bit.


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