How the West was Won

Yes this is another mock draft and yes I'm going to assume either the CBA gets done before the draft or the court orders that the NFL revert back to last season's rules. Without further ado here we go.

Orton is traded to Minnesota for their 2nd round pick (#43). Minnesota has a questionable quarterback situation and with an aging defense they are definitely in the win now situation. This causes them to give up their 2nd for chances at a superbowl.

Denver trades the #2 for the #4, #35, and a future 3rd (I don't know if that's exactly fair trade value but I don't really care, it's just a mock after all).

FA pick ups (after draft): Deangelo Williams RB, Jeff King TE, Roman Harper SS

#1 Carolina: Bowers. Carolina is looking for the next Julius Peppers and as long as his knee checks out I don't see why Carolina won't got after him.

#2 Bengals: Newton. With Palmer gone the Bengals are going to be desperate for a quarterback. They trade with us, as mentioned above, in order to get Newton before Buffalo

#3 Buffalo: Gabbert. They take the other quarterback.

#4 Denver: Dareus DT. We get the DL we want and we pick up an extra 2nd rounder for the trade. Now that's bang for your buck

#35 Corey Liguet DT. Most people see him going to Chicago but I'm in the boat that says Chicago can't ignore OL and draft a tackle letting Liguet drop to us at the beginning of the 2nd round.

#36 Benjamin Ijalana RT. Whether or not Ryan Harris agrees to his FA tag by Denver is yet to be seen. Either way he's got a history with injury and we need someone over there.

#43 Mason Foster LB. I've been high on this kid since the end of the Broncos' season and he's been confirming what I thought he would be by shooting up the draft boards and up into the 2nd round. I don't think we can lose with this pick. He's an intense fiery leader and could be the Beowulf of our Linebackers, I'm serious.

#45 Quinton Carter FS. When this kid hits people they wake up 30 years later in a home for the mentally disabled. Let's let him do this Vincent Jackson, Antonio Gates, or anyone else foolish enough to run over the middle against him. I think with some experience he could be a game changer at the safety position. On top of that he will be getting an all time great in Dawkins to tutor him for at least one season

#68 Greg Jones LB. His stock has fallen so I think he will still be available at the beginning of the third round. This kid had 3 seasons of 100+ tackles. On top of that, thanks to Kaptain Kirk's enlightening posts about player production ratio, we know he can be effective as a blizter if need be. I'm not asking him to be a blizter but it's nice to know he can do it in case Allen or Fox come up with some creative looks.

I know I left out the later rounds but hey those are really a crap shoot as to who goes where. So lemme hear your thoughts about this.

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