A Different Mock Draft

Hello everyone.  I am back again with yet another mock draft.  This time, however, it will be a little different.  As i read all the mocks on this site and others, I see a lot of the same people being picked for our beloved Broncos.  I am going to go a different direction with this one.  This mock is based on if free agency is able to go down before the draft.  I will also have a couple of trades as well.  Here we go!

Free Agency:  Denver signs the following before the Draft.

Roman Harper:  He decides to follow his old coach and our new D-Coordinator and plays SS for us.

Charles Johnson:  An excellent DE at the left end position, he posted 12 sacks last season and wants to play for the guy who drafted and gave him his shot.  He will play opposite of Dumervil and instantly give the Broncos a pass rushing two-headed monster!!

DeAngelo Williams:  He too will come over from Carolina and hope to start in Coach Fox's new system (and he might if Moreno can't stay healthy).

Now Draft time:

Round 1:

Carolina picks Marcell Dareus DT Alabama

Denver picks up the line and it's the 49ers on the phone.  They want Blaine Gabbert before Buffalo, Cincinnati, or Arizona take him and because they have the most picks in the draft (12!) they trade with Denver.  They draft The Missouri QB and give Denver in return their # 7, 45, 107, 114, and a third rounder in 2012.

Buffalo picks Cam Newton QB Auburn

Cincinnati picks Da'quan Bowers DE Clemson

Arizona picks Von Miller OLB Texas A&M

Cleveland picks A.J. Green WR Georgia

Denver is about to make their first selection when the phone rings...... its Detroit.  They want Patrick Peterson very bad, and fear the Cowboys will take him at #9, so they trade with Denver and draft the LSU CB.  Denver receives their # 13, and 75 picks for him. 

Tennessee picks Nick Fairley DT Auburn

Dallas picks Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

Washington picks Julio Jones WR Alabama

Houston picks Robert Quinn DE North Carolina

Minnesota picks J.J. Watt and put him opposite Jared Allen

#13 Denver picks Aldon Smith OLB Missouri:  He is projected to be a 3-4 or4-3 guy depending on the scheme.  I place him in the SAM position with D.J in the WILL.

#36 Denver picks Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame:  The best TE in the draft, this kid has great hands, runs routes like a receiver, and is big enough to help block.

#45 (via San Fran) Denver picks Marcus Cannon OT TCU:  I figure Ryan Harris to be gone.  Cannon is an excellent replacement who can also play guard if we need him to.

#46 Denver picks Drake Nevis DT LSU:  He is a classic 3-technique and can add some more talent to Denver's D-line.

#67 Denver picks Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma:  Carter comes in and starts right away to give Denver a dangerous backfield that includes himself Champ and Roman Harper.

#75 (via Detroit) Denver picks Jurrell Casey DT USC:  Casey adds more talent and depth to the D-line.

#107 (via San Fran) Denver picks:  Charles Clay FB Tulsa:  Denver needs another impact FB since Peyton Hillis was traded and Clay gives us that guy.  He has great athletic ability and is willing to block and play special teams, which is a plus.

#114 (via San Fran) Denver picks Kelvin Sheppard MLB LSU:  This kid had awesome agility, speed, and open-field tackling which Denver was horrible at last year.  He has the size (6'2 250) to play inside, he could also be best at weakside.

Sixth round: Denver picks Tori Gurley WR South Carolina:  While nobody knows if Thomas is going to recover from his most recent injury, Gurley would give us another big receiver (6'4 216). 

I am electing not to do the seventh round. 

So there you have it.  A couple trades and a good free agency and Denver can compete for the playoffs this year.

Denver's starting Defense:

DE's: Dumervil, Charles Johnson

DT's: Vickerson, Drake Nevis

OLB's: D.J., Aldon Smith

MLB: Kelvin Sheppard

CB's: Champ, Cox

Safeties: Roman Harper, Quinton Carter

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