Mock with 11 picks

A small part of this mock is assuming a new CBA gets done.  The biggest part of it could happen without a CBA.  Let me start by saying that when Bill Belichick traded Richard Seymour he thought he was going to get a top 5 pick and the chance to pick a truly elite player that he would otherwise have no shot at.  So here we go:

Trade:  Denver trades the #2 overall pick to NE for #17, #28, #33, and #92 overall picks, this is two first rounders, the first pick in the second round and a third rounder a draft value of 2322 points.  The number two overall pick is worth 2600 points.  Yeah the Broncos give up a few points but Belichick is all about value.  With this pick NE takes Patrick Peterson the best player in the draft and a guy who can play any position in the secondary.  Now the Broncos have five of the first 46 picks and can truly start to rebuild and add depth through the draft.  The only reason I think Belichick does this is because he would still have a pick in every round even after giving the Broncos three picks, and he gets his one elite guy. 


Trade:  Denver trades Kyle Orton to Minnesota for the #105 and #136 picks, this is a fourth and a fifth round pick.  I would like to think we could get more for him but frankly he is just not that good unless the Broncos are down by 20 or more in the second half and the opposing defense is playing prevent.  Although I love Tebow, Denver would not consider getting rid of Orton with someone with that much to prove if they believed at all in Orton.   Campbell went to Oakland last year for a sixth rounder, and he beat Denver twice this year and once last year.  The Broncos also don't have a fourth or fifth round pick.  So know they are loaded with 11 picks


Current draft picks #17, #28, #33, #36, #46, #67, #92, #105, #136, #194, #244



17th overall pick the Denver Broncos pick Phil Taylor DT Baylor 6'4 331

-A huge man that will create havoc in the middle for many years, John Fox has said something to the effect of a nose tackle is a nose tackle regardless of the scheme.  Week one starter.  We also keep him from the Chiefs who would definitely target him at #21.


28th overall pick the Denver Broncos pick Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame 6'6 260

-The best TE in the draft can block or catch.  He originally slipped into the second round, but Mayock has him on the rise with his pro day coming up.  Day one starter.


33rd overall pick the Denver Broncos pick Martez Wilson MLB Illinois 6'4 250

-The top rated MLB in the draft big and extremely fast.  This allows DJ to move to WLB and we have a new Wilson in the middle who will become a leader for years to come.  Day one starter


36th overall pick the Denver Broncos select Rahim Moore S UCLA 6'1 196

-Once again we get the top rated player at the position.  I originally had Aaron Williams here, but I think he will go sooner.  Moore is a solid player and will battle for a starting spot right away.  If Mcbath can stay healthy this could make a decent combo.


46th overall pick the Denver Broncos pick Marvin Austin DT North Carolina 6'3 312

-He was the top rated DT before his suspension and would have been top 3 now if the NCAA wasn't so stupid.  This guy can rush the passer and would immediately fit into a DL rotation.  Extremely athletic.  He has worked hard to stay in shape and would improve every day after being out for a year.


67th overall pick the Denver Broncos pick Bruce Carter OLB North Carolina 6'3 235

-If not for his torn ACL he would be top 15 pick according to Mayock.  Extremely athletic very fast.  If healthy would be day 1 starter SLB.  May have to start on PUP, but worth the risk at this point for a top 15 talent.


92nd overall pick the Denver Broncos select Casey Mathews MLB Oregon 6'1 235

-Simply a play maker.  Immediately adds depth can fill in anywhere if DJ is suspended or if Carter can't go at the beginning of the season.  Makes DJ expendable next year for trade can play SLB and move Carter to WLB.  Immediate special teams impact.


105th overall pick the Denver Broncos select Jacquizz Rodgers RB Oregon State 5'7 196

-Immediate change of pace third down back and KR can catch out of the back field, very elusive, playmaker.


136th overall pick the Denver Broncos select Robert Sands S West Virginia 6'4 221

-Physical freak, adds depth immediately, special  teams contributor, possibly develop into starting SS


194th overall pick the Denver Broncos select Henry Hinoski FB Pittsburgh 6'2 260

-A wrecking ball lead blocker.  Day one starter.


244th overall pick the Denver Broncos select John Clay RB Wisconsin 6'1 248

-Big short yardage back also adds depth at FB allowing Spencer Larsen to move back to LB

Free Agency:

Charles Johnson 6'2 275- I believe he comes to play for Fox at a slightly discounted rate.  He is our prized FA and fits great in a three man DE rotation with Dumervil and Ayers.

Roman Harper 6'1 200-Starting SS allowing Denver to cut Dawkins and Hill

Ryan Harris-resigned

Marcus Thomas-resigned

Wesley Woodyard-resigned

Matt Prater-resigned

Also sign a couple lower end veteran offensive lineman for depth

Free Agents we target but probably miss:

Michael Huff

Eric Weddle

Lawrence Vickers

LaRon McClain

Tyson Clabo


3 more possible trades:

Andre Goodman for 4th-6th round pick

Mario Hagan to Houston for 5th-7th round pick

Jabar Gaffney to St. Louis for 5th-7th round pick


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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