A Different Mock: Final Edition

Welcome to my final mock. This mock will be my best work. You may disagree with my players which is encouraged. I will probably defend my choices in my comments. Please refrain from taking it personal.

That being said - enjoy!

Trades: #2 overall to Cinci for their #4 and #35 overall. There is a lot of hooplah about how this won't happen since there isn't a CBA. This doesn't make sense to me. The only thing that would essentially prevent a trade up is the NFLPA winning the case. If they lose than all teams will proceed knowing a CBA will be in place before ANY rookie contracts are signed and it will be widely accepted that there will be a rookie wage scale in place in said CBA because both sides support it. The only details yet to be determined are the exact terms and lengths of the deal which most teams will gladly overlook to draft their guy (in this case Gabbert).

In this mock Carolina drafts Newton as the flagship player for the Ron Rivera era and Cinci drafts Gabbert. Buffalo is now really pissed and drafts Peterson to help their woeful secondary.

Round One

#4 Overall:

Von Miller - OLB/DE

This guy is a pass rush specialist. One of our biggest concerns is our inability to get to the QB and he is drawing comparisons to Doom which is a very good thing for him. He's versatile and is the probably the best pass rusher in the draft. He's very intelligent and has great work ethic and intagibles. More than that he provides leadership on defense.

Round 2

35th Overall:

Aaron Williams - FS/CB

A very solid FS/CB to help boost our ailing secondary. He can step in and be a day one starter. He's a play maker and has played against solid competition. His versatility makes him a fairly safe pick as if he cannot play  CB at the next level he move to FS.

36th Overall:

Derek Sherrod - OT

Comes in and starts day one at RT to replace the ill fitted and oft injured Ryan Harris. This guy is a force in the rushing game and would be a solid anchor to block Tebow's blind side.

46th Overall:

Marvin Austin - DT

Austin is a bit undersized so that causes him to fall and since Paea doesn't make it to this pick Austin becomes the choice. He's a pass rusher who can get after the QB with an explosive first step. His stock has also fallen with some character concerns BUT he is a solid pick here and will be a nice starter next to Vickerson who instantly improves our pass rush. Certain 4-3 looks (Doom, Vickerson, Austin, and Miller) will be ridiculously difficult to block on passing downs.

Round Three

67th Overall:

Bruce Carter - OLB

We snatch up this immensly talented OLB with an early third round pick. He would most likely have been a first round pick if his NCAA career wasn't derailed with an ACL injury. Even with the injury he is a steal in the third round and upgrades our LB corp.

Round Six

193rd Overall:

Shiloh Keo - SS

Great late round prospect with excellent footwork and a relentless motor. Motivation will not be a problem and this is my sleeper pick for this draft. Very impressive during the combine.

207th Overall:

Lance Kendricks - TE

Another solid combine performer. Somewhat raw, but has good size and is an improvement over our current TEs. Is a threat in the passing game as he has good hands. The best TE available at this point in the draft.

Round Seven:

246th Overall:


This could literally be anyone. Someone is bound to fall out of the 5th or 6th round.

Thoughts? Arguments? Bring 'em on.

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