Filling in the gaps on Defense

Ok - so I put pen to paper today.  Okay, I opened Excel and put together a mock up of our defense in the two most common alignments: Base & Nickel.

I have 2 problems and that's why I'm posting this.  I'll get to those in a moment.

For the purposes of my post, I am drafting Fairley, and if he's not available, I'm taking Dareus.  That's just me.  If you want to tell me why Denver's taking Pat Peterson, start another post.  I'm not interested in that discussion.  Although worthwhile, it's not the discussion this post intends to have.

Ok, so for my mock up, I have Hill & Dawk returning at safety.  I want to replace Dawk worse than anyone, but I don't know if Denver will be able to find one.  If they do, I'm thinkning FA will be the avenue that Denver finds a safety.

Anyway, I also have Goodman back in action, because I think Goodman is damn good (albeit when healthy).

I also have DJ at weakside.  I even have Woodyard at Mike.  But problem #1 is Strongside OLB.  In base, I love the idea of Ayers lining up within a yard or three of Dumervil, who'd be flanked my my new DT (Fairley or Dareus) who would be playing next to Big Vick or Marcus Thomas and an unknown DE.  But in reality, I think Denver is more inclined to leave Ayers at LDE.  Ayers has proven that he can be pretty damn strong coming from the right side of the Defense.

So - Question 1 - would you even consider putting Ayers at OLB this year in base (and moving him to LDE in nickel)?

Assuming Denver is more conservative with Ayers and sticks him at DE, next to Thomas/Vickerson, next to Fairley/Dereus, next to Doom, then Denver needs and OLB in the second round or through FA.

So - Question 2 - who can start on day 1 and make an impact at Strong OLB?

DJ?  I dunno.  Maybe he can go strongside.  What do you all think?

(24)               (56)  (99)  (Rk) (92)            (21) 

                  (55)           (59)          (??)

                         (23)                (20)

In nickel - I like Denver's D a little more.  Syd the kid gets the call at nickelback.

My line is Ayers - Thomas/Vickerson - Fairley/Dareus - Doom (lined up outside the LT's left shoulder)

My LBs are DJ and Woodyard or our new LB'er.

My safeties are Hill & Dawk and CBs are Goody and the Champ.

(24)                 (56) (99) (Rk)  (92)        (22)   (21)

                           (55)             (??)

                 (23)                                   (20)

So - anyway - just a stream of conscoiusness post.  What do you all think?

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