To Trade or Not To Trade

To Trade or Not to Trade that is the question?  or What to trade or Who to trade (when and if it becomes a possibility again)

I have been giving the thought of trading back a lot of serious thought.  I was one of the first people on here to say we were crazy to trade that #2 pick as we need a REAL play maker and hopefully we will never be here again. Lately, with all the talk of the QB's moving up the draft board, I have thought it might be a real possibility to trade back just a few spots.  I am still not in favor of going back past the top 7. And only trade back if QB's are expected to be drafted above that 7th spot..  There are some real studs on the D in the top 5 to choose from that would be impact players for our team.  While I agree that this draft is heavy (no pun intended) on the DT position, I still think we need a STUD there not just a good player.  Trading back just to pick up picks is intriguing but I think we need more than that out of our 1st round pick.

We have the top candidates that I feel MOST of us would agree would be great choices and we could all live with.

Here are my top 5

1.  Dareus  2. Peterson  3.  Miller  4.  Fairly  5.  Bowers.  I think so long as teams trying to get up to get a QB want to trade, we would get any one of these guys in the top 7 picks.  If so we could get possibly an additional 2nd and 3rd rounder. I think Miller is moving up my draft board as I read more and hear more about him and what he would bring to our team.  Dareus is a stud for years to come it appears as his athletic abilities are amazing.  Ditto for Peterson.

Another prospect I have come up with is trading our 2nd 2nd round pick.  Get the guy we really want with the 1st one then trade for more picks.  I think we can get some quality picks therefore players trading that 2nd pick.  Many teams are dying at that point to grab the guy they thought would be gone in the 1st round and is still there and would possibly over pay (see McD's pick for Phonzo). 

I am also in the camp of Trade Orton for as much as you can get for him the sooner the better.  His stock will Not ever be higher in my opinion and we have a chance to move forward to see if Tebow is the man.  I think we need to all realize we are not a contender nor will be for a while and we need to move forward getting our younger players on the field to get experience and to see if they can play.


What do you all think?

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