Reality Check REVISED MOCK DRAFT (My 2 one)

I have listened and watched what everyone on MHR has said about the Broncos I have also took into account who the Broncos are looking at and who they are taking in for private workouts and finnaly have made a draft. Im a PRO Tebow guy I think he is the man who will win us championships NEXT YEAR at least the playoffs with that said Im an anti Kyle Orton guy So I ask you this question out of all the QB compitions which would you rather see? Tebow-Orton, Tebow-Quinn, Orton-Quinn or Locker-Tebow? 

A CBA agrement will not be made in time for the draft which means we cannot sign the players we draft and on draft day we can ONLY TRADE DRAFT PICKS but after the draft a CBA will be reached at sometime when that happens we will trade Kyle Orton to the Minnesota Vikings for Brian Robison NOTE: all of my picks include links to their Info like the link on Brian

1ST ROUND 2ND PICK the Denver Broncos trade thier pick to the Cleveland Browns for 1st round 6th overall and 3rd round pic

1ST ROUND 6TH PICK the Denver Broncos draft Nick Fairley DT Auburn

2ND ROUND 4TH PICK the Denver Broncos draft Jake Locker QB Washignton (NOTE TO THE PEOPLE: I would be dissapointed if this happened but might as well face it now and get the tears out.)

2ND ROUND 14TH PICK the Denver Broncos draft Stephen Paea DT Oregon State

3RD ROUND 3RD PICK the Denver Broncos draft Kenrick Ellis DT Hampton

3RD ROUND 6TH PICK the Denver Broncos draft Casey Matthews ILB Oregon

6TH ROUND 24TH PICK the Denver Broncos draft Pierre Allen DE Nebraska or Ryan Winterswyk DE Boise State

7TH ROUND 2ND PICK the Denver Broncos draft Colin McCarthy OLB Miami

7TH ROUND 46TH PICK(compensatory) the Denver Broncos draft Chris Conte SS California 

So that is my first ever mock draft I believe most of these guys will make a positive Impact on the team and at least half will start on Defense Locker will be a waste but he will give Tebow someone good to compete with and will send Orton and BFSD Luck dreams PACKING   

P.S. Reality Check to BFSD if we draft a QB this round sense "Elway isnt SOLD on Tebow" that means we wont draft LUCK next year.

Question for BFSD does the SD stand for South Dakota or San Diego? 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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