Offseason plan #78990778998


1 - Mario Haggan to Bills for their 6th rounder

2 - Kyle Orton to 49ers for 2012 2nd rounder and 2011 4th rounder. (BFSD, I know what you think already)

3 - Newly acquired 6th and 7th for 5th rounder


1st Round - Da'Quan Bowers DE - For my money, the best player in the draft.  I feel Bowers is the best combination of run stopper and pass rusher available.  He is the type of player you can build a defense around.  One overlooked aspect of Bowers' game is that he can play multiple positions on a D-line and I can see many different scenarios where Bowers, Doom and Ayers are all in at the same time.  

Backup: Marcell Dareus DT

2nd Round - Stephen Paea DT - Stephen Paea is a top 25 talent who might slip to the second because of crazy depth at DL in the draft.  Paea can be completely unblockable at times.  

Backup: Marvin Austin DT

2nd Round - Dontay Moch OLB - Yes, people will hate this pick.  Moch was playing on the DL for Nevada and registered over 40 tackles for loss in the last two years.  Obviously, Moch is not a DE.  People will say Moch does not have good instincts for the 4-3 OLB position, and they could be right, but maybe the truth is that he is just not familiar with the position.  Moch is aggressive and Fox might be able to coach him up.  The 4.4 40 time is a luxury I would love to see used in the right ways.  

Backup: Mason Foster OLB

3rd Round - Jarvis Jenkins DT - Run stuffing fat slob, nuff said.  Jenkins could play between Paea and Doom, who are undersized, and eat up a lot of space.  Jenkins and Bowers are good friends and both might push each other to succeed.  I have seen Jenkins be an immovable wall and though he doesn't offer much in a pass rush, he is a good value for a 3rd round pick.  I could see Jenkins being a starter towards the end of the year, if not earlier.  

Backup: Robert Sands SS

4th Round - Delone Carter RB - Very solid running back and would be a steal in the fourth.  Has the potential to be a quality #2 back.  

Backup: Marcus Gilbert OT

5th Round - Lee Ziemba OT - Very good backup.  Possibly has the potential to be a starter one day.  

Backup: Jordan Cameron TE

7th Round - Da'Norris Searcy S - Big slower guy who seems to fit with a Dennis Allen type of scheme.  Run stopper in the box kind of SS.  

Backup: Jeff Maehl WR


Free Agency:

1. Zach Miller TE - This would cost a lot and we might have to overpay to get him.  I'm not sure if the Raiders will let him go but they are spending a lot of money to retain their guys.  It was surprising to me that they did not franchise him.  We must set Tim Tebow up to succeed and a stud Pro Bowl caliber player like this is the best way to do that.  

2. Thomas Davis SOLB - Davis would have to be cleared medically but if healthy, is one of the best SAM LB's around.  

3. Tim Hightower RB - Quality backup RB and/or fringe starter.  

4. Ryan Harris OT - I think if there were other options we would pursue them but I think signing him will be more of a marriage of convenience.

5. Marcus Thomas DT - Quality backup DT

6. Mike Karney FB - Starter quality FB who is no longer as valued in McD's offense with the Rams.    

7. Wesley Woodyard OLB

8. Matt Prater K



QB - Tim Tebow

RB - Knowshon Moreno

FB - Mike Karney

TE - Zach Miller

WR - Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney 

OL - Ryan Clady, Zane Beadles, J.D. Walton, Chris Kuper, Ryan Harris


DL - Da'Quan Bowers, Stephen Paea, Kevin Vickerson, Elvis Dumervil 

LB - Thomas Davis SOLB, D.J. Williams MLB, Dontay Moch WOLB

S - Brian Dawkins SS, Darcel McBath FS

CB - Champ Bailey, Andre Goodman



The trade of Kyle Orton for a 2012 2nd rounder puts us in a position to have three top 60 picks again next year.  Mario Haggan, though a good player, does not seem like a good fit for Fox's system.  

The draft does not address a lot of different positions.  The draft does not address our secondary early and will require a major upgrade in this area for the 2012 draft.  For a team that sucks as bad as ours, the draft should not be about filling holes.  Instead, the draft should be about picking the best players available and long-term team building.  These picks follow the true value of this draft, DE/DT, and does not go after need as much.  

In free agency, Zach Miller might be a bit of a reach financially but I don't think he will be a reach schematically.  Miller can block and catch well.  I doubt, if you ask Fox, that he will say he doesn't value tight ends.  Thomas Davis is a gamble, health-wise, but can be great if healthy.  

The bottom line: There will be many holes in our team on the opening day of the 2011 season.  Get used to it.  McD screwed our team up bad and we will take more than one year to recover from it.  

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