How would you feel about Amobi Okoye?

I'm not sure if there is enough content to warrant a fanpost, but it's a topic of discussion that's not really a mock draft, or CBA, or orton vs tebow. So just something new to stir up.

Some discussion from our friends over at BattleRedBlog

Also from

Okoye's 2011 salary more than triples

Texans DT Amobi Okoye's base salary has climbed from $850,000 to $2.95 million for the 2011 season. Okoye has started a bunch of games to trigger the final-year escalator in his rookie deal, but this is another reason to believe his Texans career is over. The 10th pick in the 2007 draft already may struggle to fit new DC Wade Phillips' 3-4 system. Houston will shop Okoye around this offseason.

Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle predicts that the Texans will try to trade DT Amobi Okoye this offseason.

Zierlein is just speculating, but does well to note that Okoye is a poor fit for the team's new 3-4 defense. Okoye lacks the length to be a five-technique end and the strength and size to play the nose. Also a big disappointment as a pass rusher, Okoye has just six sacks over the last three seasons.

Considering our recent departures on the D-Line, how about we work out some trade for Amobi Okoye? If you look at the comments section of BattleRedBlog, some of the posters would be happy w/ a 4th or even a 5th round pick for the guy.

That said, I think I'd be willing to part w/ a 2011 3rd round pick for him maybe?....maybe that's too high....

A few points:

He's still young (only 23), he's got some potential, he played in Louisville w/ Doom, he's better suited for a 4-3 than a 3-4.

Ayers, Vick, Okoye, Doom

That sounds like a good start to me, especially if M.Thomas decides to leave in FA. Add Dareuas or Paea or Nevis then we'd have a young line that can start to gel for many years to come.  I was real high on this kid when he came out of school even though we had no way of getting him. I remember at the time that analysts were saying it'd probably take him a few years to get spooled up under good coaching. Fox, Allen and Nunley ought to be able to coach him up some right?.....right?...

I think the fans in Houston have really soured on him, and he may not be a good fit for a 3-4 defense. So maybe this is this is our chance to get some good value and scoop him up. I added a little poll to the bottom, what do you all think? Elvis and Amobi, reunited and it feels so good?

Wonder twin powers.....................ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!........................ form of..........AWESOME DEFENSIVE LINEImage Hosting

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