Mock off season..

Another mock, here we go..


Notable Cuts/Retirements/ Trades

Jamal Williams = $4 million

Brian Dawkins = $3.4 million

Kyle Orton = $9 million

Laurence Maroney = $825,000 (2010 salary)

Daniel Graham =$4.2 million

Ryan Harris = $550,000 (2010 salary)

Russ Hochstein = $802,280 (2010 salary)

Ronald Fields = $2.5 million (2010 salary)

Andre Goodman = $7,806,240 (2010 salary)

Total = $33,083,520

With these guys gone, it saves us a TON of money which we could spend on free agents.

Notable Free Agent Pick-Ups


(LDE)Charles Johnson = $465,720   (2010 salary)

(RB) Tim Hightower = $389,680   (2010 salary)

(SS) Roman Harper = $ 540,200      (2010 salary)                             

 (TE) Kevin Boss = $466,110     (2010 salary)

(OT) Stephen Heyer = $467,280 (2010 salary)

 Re-sign Justin Bannan 


Total = 2,328,990 (2010 salary)

Johnson and Harper's salary might go up slightly with their good seasons this year. But I think we will be able to afford all these guys with the cuts and money saved from above.


Kyle Orton to San Francisco for their 3rd (76) and 4th (107)

Only trade I really see Denver doing. And instead of just getting a 2nd, which would be nice, I would rather get a 3rd and 4th if we can. Gives us more picks and a better chance to re-load.


With the 2nd overall pick the Denver Broncos select: Patrick Peterson CB (LSU) 6'1" 219 pounds

Best overall prospect in the draft. Need to take the best player we can with this pick and NOT just a player we need!!!


With the 36th overall pick the Denver Broncos select: Cameron Heyward DE/DT (Ohio State) 6'5" 294 pounds

Big DE that can play DT also. We could get Elvis, Ayers, and Heyward on the field at the same time, by kicking Ayers or Heyward into DT on passing downs. I think Heyward falls this far because of the injury and the rise of some other recent players. And also every year at least one players slides into the 2nd round, with a 1st round grade.


With the 46th overall pick the Denver Broncos select: Marvin Austin DT (North Carolina) 6'02" 309 pounds

His stock has been everywhere lately, but I think that the Broncos could get him with this pick. With the off the field issues he will drop, but we will gladly get him here as a steal. He is very impressive and would be a great attribute to Big Vick and Cameron Heyward.


With the 67 overall pick the Denver Broncos select: Mason Foster OLB (Washington) 6'01" 245 pounds 

Tackling machine, would be a great add to our line backing group. Would play either SOLB or WOLB. 


With the 76th overall pick the Denver Broncos select: Demarco Murray RB (Oklahoma) 6'00" 213 pounds

Very fast back who would compliment Moreno very well. Would give us a three headed running back attack


With the 107th overall pick the Denver Broncos select: James Brewer OT (Indiana) 6'06" 323 pounds

Very big offensive tackle, who could play RT and keep Beadles inside at his better position. Could sit behind Heyer for a year or two then would be our future RT.


With the 188th overall pick the Denver Broncos select: Da'Norris Searcy FS (North Carolina) 5'11" 223 pounds

Would be an outstanding special teams player, hard hitter, more of a two deep safety and not man to man, but with a little coaching he will be a great player.


With the 192nd overall pick the Denver Broncos select: Mike Mohamed ILB (California) 6'03" 239 pounds

Really impressed me at the combine. Would start on special teams but I think would eventually make it into some playing time on the field. Good late round player


I did not get a ILB because I think we can make it this year with Mays, and Mohamed splitting time and if we need DJ can play there to. Next years draft is full of great MLB and thats when we will get our linebacker of the future to join with Foster, DJ, and Mohamed. This draft will get a player in each level of the defense and key spots on the offense. Because Fox likes his RB's early I got Murray, he is very productive and FAST, complimenting Moreno and Hightower. 


I wanna hear what others think, any suggestions, or criticism!

Go Broncos!!

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