John Elway's Mockless Draft

This is my first post and my first of two mock drafts.  It should be known that my first mock draft is based on "inside" info and therefore represents a more realistic look at who the Broncos will select in this upcoming draft.  In fact, it should be considered a mockless draft....

Before I jump into details, I need to tell a quick story which pertains to my extensive knowledge and insight into the broncos FO.  

I work in the restaurant industry, and in doing so have had the opportunity to work closely with John Elway.  I can not divulge specific information, however, I am a server at a fine dining German restaurant.  Recently, Elway came to my restaurant and while discussing the menu and our specials, we developed a strong working relationship.  

For starters, Elway ordered the Wor-ton is a German variation of won-ton soup.  I did warn Elway that the Wor-ton soup lacked any discernible flavor for which he replied, "Today, that is what I am in the mood for."

He certainly was unimpressed with his starter.

For his dinner, per my recommendation, he ordered the T-Bown steak.  After just two bites, he spit it up declaring his steak was too rare.

Overall, he was not very happy with his dining experience, but he was so happy with my service he gave me his cell phone number so that I could call him and talk football.


Using this relationship, I have been able to gain a greater understanding of who the Broncos are selecting and trading in the upcoming weeks.


With the #2 pick in the draft the Broncos will select 

Cam Newton


Elway was obviously disappointed in his starter, and his T-bown steak was too raw for his liking.  

He told me,"Newton provides us with a quarterback that can make something happen when the play breaks down". 



The Broncos trade Tim Tebow to Jacksonville for their 1st round Pick.  This will happen.  I have a brother whose uncle's massage therapist works with Gene Smith (the Jags GM) , and Gene Smith told her,  "We are going to trade our first round pick for Tim Tebow"

For those of you thinking, "We can't trade Tebow without a CBA!!"  I happen to know a CBA will be done in time for the draft.  I can't go into details about how I know this, but it involves a goat, a white cocktail dress, and a paper clip.


With the #16 pick the Broncos will select:

Mark Ingram RB


What? Another offensive player?!

Yes, Elway has said that in order to win super bowls you have to be excellent at either offense or defense and good at the other....well we are closer to being excellent on offense than on defense so the Broncos will only be focusing on offense this off season.


With the #36 pick Elway told me the Broncos will select:

Benjamin Ijalana G/T

In describing Ijalana Elway said, "He's fat."....which is perfect for John Fox's new fat blocking scheme.



The broncos will trade Kyle Orton to the Arizona Cardinals for 38th pick.  This will happen.  My cousin's best friend's roommate's proctologist works with Ken Whisenhunt's hemorrhoids, and they told him, "Coach Whisenhunt is going to trade the second round pick for Kyle Orton."


With the #38 pick the Broncos will pick:

Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh


Elway is not so sure about Lloyd...he told me Llyod's numbers last year were a product of the system...and since we fired that system we need to bring in some young talent at WR.


With the #46 pick we will get:

Marcus Cannon, G, TCU 

Elway said, "He's really fat."


With the 184th pick Elway will choose:

Kenrick Ellis, NT, Hampton 


Yeah!  Defense...not so fast...Elway says he's planning on switching Ellis to guard.  He also said this, "Kenrick Ellis is the fattest man I have ever seen."  Coach Fox added, "This is fattastic!"


With the 196th pick we will select:

Schuylar Oordt, TE from Northern Iowa


Elway says he will be renamed Schuylar Oordton to help ease the transition of losing Kyle.


And that is how the draft will play out for the Denver Broncos.  Please do not question these I have said, I have met John Elway.


With my next mock draft I'll give my ideas on who the Broncos should pick.

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