Why We May Be Drafting More Offensive Players Than You Think

The general consensus is "our defense is terrible, draft D". Nothing wrong with that assessment at all. We definitely have a horrible year to look back on as a reference. We have seen a million mock drafts here at MHR that have us taking 4 defensive players in our first 5 picks. 

Taking a step back and looking at the new man in charge, none other than our own beloved John Elway, we should be able to glean some perspective on what his plan is. He ultimately will have input into the long term plannning and direction of the team.

Any executive in his position, inheriting a team in the state the Broncos are in, will look at a 2-4 year plan, more than likely 4. That would be a fair and realistic length of time considering:

1. The state of the team

2. Realistic expectancies for any executive coming in the "clean up this town"

3. The already established goodwill someone like Elway will have in Denver.





A man should lead with certainty on personal truths gleaned from years of personal experience. Examination of John Elway's history and some snippets of information we have, gives us the following.

1. Elway stated that he thinks a superbowl team needs to be dominant on one side and good on the other

2. Elway has personal experience that a dominant offense and a good defense will win you a couple of superbowls.

3. A good running game beats a good passing game.

4. A good zone blocking line does not need high round RBs.




Which unit, offense or defense is closest to being dominant?

Most will answer offense based upon statistics, examination of personnel and age of said personnel. 

Basically we have one half to three quarters of a good to great O-line depending on your viewpoint of our 2 rookies from last year. We have a wide receiver corps that looks like it could be set for 5 years. We have a running back that was a first round choice and never had a quality O-Line to get him in open space.

QB brings up it's usual debate so I won't rehash it.

But it wouldn't be too far fetched to say we are a couple of O-line men, a quality TE and possibly an NFL grade starting QB depending upon your viewpoint from having a respectable to dominant offense in a year or two.

Next, which is harder to build defense or offense?

This I can't say with certainty but it would seem the coordination of the offense is more complex and requiring familiarity and experience than defense. I would say that drafting an offense would need a year or two more until all parts are operating "as one".

As another note, how many of us last year thought while watching games that if we could just get some 3rd downs, our D would have been markedly better statistically?

Whether we like it or not, I think we draft more O than we all expect. This coming from a man who would love to see 2 DTs and an LB as our first 3 picks.

Having said that based upon our drafting position and the talent available, the only offensive position I see us drafting at that position is QB if Mr. Xanders, Fox and Elway are not sold on what we have. Moving down if available might be a very desirable option to our top brass if O is where we wish to draft.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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