Mock Draft 2.0

Full disclosure: I'm going to have a lot of moving in the top 5 picks. Some may disagree but that makes for more interesting conversation. It's under 18 more days until the 1st round... in the words of Bart Scott.. "Can't Wait!"

TRADE: Denver Broncos send Kyle Orton to the Minnesota Vikings for the #43 overall pick.

#1) Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton QB Auburn - In a division loaded with talent at the QB position, the Panthers select the Heisman Trophy winner in hopes they found the new face of their franchise.

TRADE: Denver Broncos send the #2 overall pick to the Arizona Cardinals for the #5, #38, and #103 overall picks.

#2) Arizona Cardinals - Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri - The Cardinals move up to grab their franchise QB in hopes of pleasing Mr. Fitzgerald.

#3) Buffalo Bills - Marcell Dareus DT Alabama - The Bills get the top DT in the draft to help improve the league's worst run defense.

TRADE: Cincinnati Bengals send the #4 overall pick to the New England Patriots for the #17, #28, and #92 overall picks.

#4) New England Patriots - Von Miller LB Texas A&M - The Patriots get their stud rush LB and Von is a perfect fit as a person and a player for their system.

TRADE: Denver Broncos send the #5 overall pick to the Cleveland Browns to the #6 and #102 overall picks.

#5) Cleveland Browns - AJ Green WR Georgia - The Browns jump one spot to ensure they get their playmaker for Colt McCoy.
#6) Denver Broncos - Patrick Peterson CB LSU - The Broncos grab the heir apparent to Champ Bailey. They begin the talent overhaul on their terrible overall defense.


#36) Denver Broncos - Marvin Austin DT North Carolina - Elite talent, missed last year due to a suspension.



#38) Denver Broncos - Stephen Paea DT Oregon State - Broncos select another talented DT who slips because of depth and a knee injury from the Senior Bowl.


#43) Denver Broncos - Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois - Foxy gets his RB tandem that he's accustomed to. LeShoure is a bruiser and a workhorse that can carry the load if and when Knowshon is injured.



#46) Denver Broncos - Bruce Carter LB North Carolina - Another first round prospect prior to his ACL tear.



#67) Denver Broncos - Quinton Carter S Oklahoma - Carter is a well-rounded safety and brings the wood.



#102) Denver Broncos - Greg Jones LB Michigan State - A tackling machine during his stay with the Spartans.



#103) Denver Broncos - Jordan Cameron TE USC - Grab an athletic TE for (insert QBs name here) to throw to.



#186) Denver Broncos - Cliff Matthews DE South Carolina - A great athlete for his size. Will work well into our rotation with a great attitude.



#189) Denver Broncos - Anthony Sherman FB UConn - A nice lead-blocking full back to help clear the way. He can catch the ball out of the backfield as well.



#247) Denver Broncos - John Clay RB Wisconsin - A big, physical, bruising-type RB to compliment Moreno and LeShoure.



We add young, talented players all over our defense and at a couple skills positions on offense.
Peterson, Austin, Paea, Bruce Carter, and possibly Quinton Carter all should become rookie starters.
I see us resigning possibly both Williams and Bannan, but Bannan for sure. I also think we get a deal done with Ryan Harris

I also see us adding a few more free agents to continue to add quality players on a talent-poor defense.

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