Worst Case Scenario Mock Draft

In the last 9 months, MHR contributors have put out an obscene number of mocks. The purpose of these mocks were to give the Broncos the best players possible so that they can return to being a dominant team. I am going to do the exact opposite. I will give you the worst realistic mock I can think of. On that upbeat note, lets get right into it. How could Brian Xanders possibly screw up this draft? Watch with horror.

1st round, 2nd overall


Cam Newton, Quarterback, Auburn

The worst possible thing we could do at #2 would be to draft Cam Newton. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Cam Newton is Tebow with character problems. They are both very athletic quarterbacks from spread offenses. They are both projects. Drafting Cam Newton is the most illogical thing we could do. If Elway, Xanders, or Fox have considered drafting Newton, they should be fired. Period.

Now, drafting Blaine Gabbert would be terrible also, but he doesn't have the character concerns that Cam Newton does. Newton is the more risky pick and that is why he is the worst case scenario.


2nd Round, 36th Overall


Danny Watkins, Guard, Baylor

The Broncos have already showed considerable interest in Watkins. They talked to him at the Senior Bowl and brought him in for a private visit. Brian Xanders can't possibly be thinking of drafting this guy. First off, Watkins is a guard. So if we were to draft him, we would likely put Zane Beadles back at right tackle where he struggled mightily last year. Secondly, Watkins is going to be 26 years old as a rookie.

Drafting Watkins is the worst case scenario for me in every way possible. We have way too many needs on the defensive side of the ball to spend a high draft pick on a 26 year old guard. The amount of interest and time we've put into Watkins is frightening.

2nd Round, 46th Overall


Allen Bailey, Defensive Tackle, Miami

Why did we bring Allen Bailey in for a visit? We haven't brought in Cory Liuget, Muhammad Wilkerson, Stephen Paea, or JJ Watt, but we have brought in Allen Bailey? Xanders, what are you thinking? Bailey is extremely raw. It will likely take 2 to 3 years before he can even be a starter. He is a mix between a 3-4 DE and a 4-3 DT. His best position is debatable to say the least. He is inconsistent with his effort and he was absolutely invisible at the Senior Bowl against the best talent in college football.

Drafting Bailey makes no sense to me. I wouldn't touch him before the 3rd round and even then I would likely argue for taking a different player. We need an impact player at DT. Allen Bailey is not the guy we are looking for.

3rd Round, 67th Overall



Daniel Thomas, RB from Kansas St.

Knowshon Moreno has been unable to stay on the field for long periods of time. We will undoubtedly acquire some depth to help him out. Daniel Thomas might seem like a good pick, but he's not. Thomas runs too high, he is slow (4.6 40 yard dash) and has no second gear. Additionally, there could be several other better RB's available (Ryan Williams, Kendall Hunter, or Shane Vereen).

I have no problem drafting a RB, but Daniel Thomas at the top of round 3 will not make sense to me. Thomas looks like a backup bruiser type of player. There are several other RB's I would take before Thomas, but Thomas is one of the few RB's we have brought in for a visit. We can thank Xanders for that.

6th Round, 186th Overall


Andre Smith, Tight End, Virginia Tech

I'm going to guess that hardly any of you have heard of this guy. He's a blocking tight end from Virginia Tech. He wasn't invited to the combine and I can't even find a report of this guys pro day. However, our good buddy Brian Xanders has heard of him and brought him in for a visit. Not Jordan Cameron, Luke Stocker, DJ Williams, Virgil Green, or Rob Housler. We brought in Andre Smith. Xanders, I just don't get it. I have never seen this guy play so I can't give a scouting report, but reports online say he is a blocking tight end and a good special teams player. So basically, another Richard Quinn. If we draft a TE, it should be someone who can stretch the field. We already have two willing blockers in Quinn and Gronkowski.

6th Round, 189th Overall


Kai Forbath, Kicker from UCLA

When making this pick, I thought to myself, what is the stupidest thing Brian Xanders could do here. It hit me instantly, lets draft a kicker. Not only do we have a very good kicker in Matt Prater, but we also have Steven Hasuchka on the team who played well for us at the end of the year. Forbath isn't even the best kicker in this draft. Alex Henery is the best kicker. Add on top that Forbath is from UCLA and this pick is full of failure.

7th Round


Tyrod Taylor, Quarterback, Virginia Tech

With our last pick, we pick...a quarterback. Not just any quarterback, a run first quarterback. Oh Brian, I hate you so.


There you have it. Using all the information that has been put out over the last few weeks/months. Here is the worst mock I could think of. The good news is we got a new starting QB, DT, and G. We also got good complimentary players in Thomas, Smith, Forbath, and Taylor. The bad news is that every selection on here is either a reach, or not an area of need. So for all the people who are afraid we might draft Nick Fairley at 2, Mikel Leshore at 46, or Ryan Williams at 67. Just remember that it can be so much worse. The scariest part of this post: With the exception of Taylor and Forbath, all of the players have been brought in for visits.

Don't screw this up Xanders.

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