If there is a new CBA before the draft which QB is traded???

With the news that the judge ordered mediation for the NFL and Players Association there is a possiblity that there is a agreement before the draft.  If this happens which QB gets traded?

I think that a team like Minnesota might trade a 2nd Round Pick for Kyle Orton.

It has been rumored that The New England Patriots might trade a 2nd Round Pick for Tim Tebow or maybe Jacksonville.

Denver could ofcourse try to trade Brady Quinn but that would probably only bring a 5th or 6th Round Pick.

What is sounds like Elway is saying to me is that he isn't sold on either QB.

Kyle Orton is our starter right now. Meaning he is a OK QB but not a Elite QB.

Tim Tebow is a good football player , we HOPE to make him a good QB.   Meaning Tebow is Raw and a Project.

Well if there is a new CBA , I would bet that one or both QB's could be on the trading block.

With 16 Days til the draft a new CBA could be done in 2 weeks.

The dilema is if Denver drafts Colin Kaepernick or Christina Ponder they would both benefit from playing behind Kyle Orton for a season.  Orton is a Veteran and only has 1 year left on his contract , so for the sake of argument what if Denver trades Tim Tebow to New England for the  60th Pick in the Draft.

2011 NFL Draft

1st Round PIck --------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Marcell Dareus - DT - Alabama - 6'3" 319lbs  - Denver drafts the best DT in the draft and it's biggest need.


Trade - Denver trades it's 2nd(36th) and 2012 3rd Round Pick to New England for their 1st(28th)

1st Round Pick via New England -------------------------------------------------------    Colin Kaepernick - QB - Nevada - 6'5" 231lbs - Kaepernick has all the tools to be a great NFL QB but is going to need a year to learn the NFL passing game.  I think Elway sees a little of himself in Kaepernick.


2nd Round Pick #46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------     Mason Foster - LB - Washington - 6'2" 242lbs - Denver could go Bruce Carter but takes Mason Foster who doesn't have injury concerns.


2nd Round PIck #60 via New England -----------------------------------------------     Kendall Hunter - RB - Oklahoma St - 5'7" 199lbs - Hunter is a excellent RB and rushed for over 1500 yards and 16 TD's.  Tebow's draft pick becomes Hunter.


Trade - Denver trades the 67th Pick in the draft to the Philly for their 3rd and 4th Round Pick -

3rd Round Pick # 85 ------------------------------------------------------------------------     Marcus Gilchrist - CB/S - Clemson - 5'10" 195lbs -  Mike Mayock thinks Gilchrist is the next generation of Safety.  CB skills and still can play the run.


4th Round Pick # 104 ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Jalil Brown - CB - CU - 6'0" 205lbs - Brown is a very solid CB from CU.


6th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------       Julius Thomas - TE - Portland St - 6'5" 245lbs - Denver has been eyeing Thomas for a while.


6th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------       Allen Bradford - RB - USC - 5'11" 242lbs - Denver drafts this BIG RB to team with Moreno and Hunter.


7th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------      Jarriel King - OT - South Carolina - 6'6" 320lbs - needs to develop but has talent.




Free Agency

1.       Barry Cofield - DT - NY Giants - 6'5" 305lbs -  Denver signs this very good DT to a 5 year deal.


2.       Roman Harper - S - New Orleans - 6'1" 200lbs - 28 years old and had 6 Forced Fumbles in 2010 - Harper rejoins Dennis Allen his former DC.


3.      Tyson Clabo - T - Atlanta - 6'6" 331lbs - John Fox knows Clabo from playing him 2 times a year. 



Final thoughts

1.    I think that both Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow might be traded in the next 2 years.

2.    I do think just like Josh McDaniels did with Tebow  , John Elway is going to want to draft his guy.

3.    If Denver came away with Marcell Dareus , Mason Foster , Marcus Gilchrist , Jalil Brown on Defense it would have 2 Starters.

4.    John Fox loves his RB and write it down - Denver will draft a RB.

5.    Denver's Rebuilding isn't going to be done in 1 year.  Josh McDaniels ruined this team and it is going to take 2-3 years to reload.


Starting Defense

Robert Ayers --------------    Marcell Dareus -----------------    Barry Cofield -----------------------------  Elvis Dumervil

Mason Foster --------------------------------------   Mario Haggan ----------------------------------  DJ Williams

Perrish Cox -----------------------   Roman Harper ---------------   Darcel McBath -------------------  Champ Bailey


Starting Offense

Ryan Clady ---------  Zane Beadles - JD Walton - Chris Kuper -  Tyson Clabo

TE - Julius Thomas - Gronkowski - Quinn

RB - Knowshon Moreno , Kendall Hunter , Allen Bradford

QB - Kyle Orton , Colin Kaepernick , Brady Quinn

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