Not a Mock, but plenty thought...

So many thoughts and variables regarding numerous interdependent issues. Waiting on "Forced Mediation", anticipating April.28th, and the 2nd overall pick...The possibility of Free Agency, so many holes to fill...

Round 1, 2nd Overall Pick

If Carolina takes Newton:

1.We take Dareus-great, would love it. Sign me up.

2.We trade down within the top 10, pick up an extra 2nd Rounder (and change) and hope to still land one of the following-Dareus, Von Miller, Fairly or Peterson (in that order)

3.If we trade down past the 10th pick, I can only think of a few players I'll be fine with grabbing (open to suggestions)- Taylor, Luiget, Austin (slight reach, but had a good pro-day),  Bowers, or Quinn (in that order)

If Carolina takes Dareus: We take Von Miller at 2 or trade down and hope for something similar to points #2 and #3 above.

Quick question...would yall be down with trading down into back half of 1st round if we accumulated some 2nd Round Picks (put towards LB's or S), and if so, which players would you target?


How is it possible that EFX is scouting Quarterbacks in the draft, blowing smokescreens, are not sure about Tebow (though think he has great potential), are not sure about Orton (though peg him the starter), give Brady Quinn nod of Confidence and have even the fanbase worried again..? I see it like this:

If we move Orton for a 2nd rounder, then we have numerous 2nd round picks to address LB and possibly another QB (Ponder, Kaepernick). This move explains the interest under center, and allows Tebow another year to develop. If Tebow flops, then EFX can blame McD, look smart for essentially trading Orton for another QB Tebow next year and probably have a chance at another high pick. If Tebow excels, then EFX looks golden for movin Orton, looks prudent for drafting a QB, and has future trade bait in Quinn. The interest in Ponder, Dalton and Kaepernick is probably genuine, the interest in Newton and Gabbert is probably smokescreen.

I think a few teams will seriously consider Orton (along with Kolb, McNabb, Young and Smith): The VikingsCardinals, Bills, 49ers and Seahawks...and I think a few teams plan to draft a QB: The PanthersRedskins, Bengals, and maybe the Titans. Both groups will have affect the Bronco's Draft Day and Off-Season Plans. Teams lookin for a Veteran Stop-gag QB will seriously look at Orton (hopefully), and teams lookin to draft a QB this year will be interested in both our 1st round and early 2nd round picks.


Please just resign Ryan Harris and keep Beadles and LG. Any upgrade to Harris is going to cost us a high draft pick or considerable money in Free Agency. It's too early to label Harris as "career injury-prone", and we know how much better our Oline is with him than without him. I'm down for drafting depth at Tackle though.


I'll admit it, I'm a "Dareus at #2" guy. He's the safest bet, and marries BPA (arguably) with Biggest Need. However, I can live with not taking Dareus if we draft 2 of the following: Fairley, Taylor, Luiget, Austin, Paea, or Wilkenson. I feel we need to sign someone in FA too...bringing back either Bannan or Thomas would be nice, and signing Cofield would be solid.


 I'm not sure why we need to address DE; between Dumervil, Ayers, Hunter, and Veikune, I'm content to check Free Agency (such as Charles Johnson from Carolina). I'm open to trading down and still nabbing either Quinn or Bowers..however, I prefer pursuing Charles Johnson in FA and giving Dumervil and Ayers a year to show and prove.


I think we can all agree that DJ Williams is the only LB on our roster who's a clear-cut starter. So that leaves us with holes at starting MLB and SLB...from the draft I'm hoping for 2 of the following: Von Miller, Wilson, Carter, Foster, Sturdivant or down from #2 could really go a long way in helping us fix our LB core asap..adding another 2nd for Orton would be a blessing.

I hope that the Packers release Nick Barnett, he'd be an excellent FA signing at MLB. Orton to the Vikings for Chad Greenway would be acceptable too.

Mays, Haggans, and Larsen will serve us best as LB depth and Special Teams aces.


With Champ, Goodman, Cox, Squid and Vaughn on the Roster, is drafting a CB prudent? The only reason I consider Peterson in the top 8 is because of his Special Teams impact. Ideally, Roman Harper follows Dennis Allen to Dove Valley, Darcel MacBath stays healthy for a year, and Dawkins accepts a diminished role...Realistically; Dawkins might get released, MacBath might self-destruct, and Bruton may be best on Special Teams. If we can't grab a Safety in the 2nd or 3rd Round (to compete for starting job), then we need to pursue someone in FA to team with Hill and MacBath. Safety is an issue, just not to the same degree as DL and LB.

Extra Thoughts

Resigning Ryan Harris should be a priority. We saw the difference in our run-game production when he was healthy and when he wasn't. I can't handle watching us play "musical chairs" with our Olineman again this year.

We need to add another RB in the draft or FA. How cool would it be to land Deangleo Williams? Is the weather in Miami that good? Don't understand the constant FA interest in the Dolphins...not like they've been a contender since Marino left; a year of wildcat magic can't be the reason...

Out of curiousity...i wonder how many hours Tebow has put into his throwing motion and film study since week 17 last year?  

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