TK's 1st EVER Mock Draft



Ok here it goes.  My first ever mock draft.  I love reading them and can’t get enough but to this date in my 46 years on the earth have not issued my own mock draft.  I think that trading is going to be very difficult without the CBA in place as teams will be scared away from the 2nd pick due to the potential cost.  The only way I see a team trading is for a QB and I feel these QB’s would have been drafted in the second round at the earliest if they had been in the draft last year. Butttttttt they aren’t they are in this draft so I guess I will have to deal with that.  Ideally, we would be able to trade back no further than 5.  This would guarantee us a player with great potential to not only start from day 1 but also be Pro Bowl material.


So I don’t think we trade out.  I do not think anyone is willing to pay 2nd pick money and picks to move up to get a QB this year.  I also think that Carolina will NOT go with a QB but will go with my favorite Dareus.  I hope not but that is what my gut is telling me right now.  With that:


Denver selects:  Von Miller


Now is where I think we have the most potential to trade.  I feel that Austin will be gone by our 1st pick in the 2nd and we can pick up an extra 3rd and possibly a 5th for either of our top 2 2nd round picks.  I say we take someone we saw slip from the 1st round with our 1st pick


Denver selects:  Stephen Paea

I think we want to be sure to get a good DT before we go further


#46  I think we trade this pick but will pick as if we did not


Denver selects:  Bruce Carter


Wow this is harder than I thought.


#67 Round 3

Denver Selects:  Quinton Carter


#186  Portland States TE  can not remember his name

#189  Best Linebacker Available  (would love Matthews here but think he is going earlier probably way earlier now


#247  Any player that they feel can contribute on special teams regardless of position.


Whew.  That WAS hard


I still think we will get an extra 3rd and 5th in trading one of our top 2nd round picks but do not know enough about the trade charts to project who and where.

Sorry no QB's.  Would have loved to get a RB but without picking up a couple extra picks, I don't think we can afford to take one.  Also would love to see a RT candidate fall to us like Solder early in the 2nd and looks like it might be a possibility as of late but in reality I personally do not think so.

 Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!




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