My thoughts on the draft and Impact Players who I like.

2 Weeks left until the 2011 NFL Draft and I think we are in for another wild Draft.  I think that John Elway would love to trade down from the #2 pick in the draft and pick up some extra picks.

I hope that Carolina drafts Cam Newton and this elevate Blaine Gabbert's draft stock.  Teams like Cincy , Arizona , San Fran , Tennessee , Washington , Vikings all might look to trade up.

My new thought is that San Fran has like 10 draft picks in the 2011 Draft and Blaine Gabbert would make a good pick for Jim Harbaugh. 

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1.     If Denver can't trade out of the #2 Pick I think it has to be 1. Marcell Dareus and 2.   Von Miller and 3.  Robert Quinn.   Denver needs another possible Elite Front 7 Player and Dareus , Miller or Quinn would give Denver 2 great Front 7 Players ( the other being Elvis Dumervil).

2.    I hope that Denver could trade down with San Fran and pick up a extra 2nd Round PIck.  This just makes sense to me.  Harbaugh could really use Blaine Gabbert and they have a good running game and defense already.

3.    If we somehow trade down to the teens then I think Denver will Draft Corey Liuget - DT - Illinios.  He is a very good player and would give Denver a great young DT.

Players who I think could make a Impact for Denver in the 2nd and 3rd Round.

1.        Mikel Leshoure - RB - Illinios - 6'0" 225lbs - Leshoure has been compared to Steven Jackson and is a perfect compliment to Knowshon Moreno(who is a smaller RB).   John Fox loves his RB's and Denver has a BIG need at RB.


2.        Marvin Austin - DT - UNC - 6'3" 309lbs -  If Austin makes it to #36 then I think Denver will look long and hard at Austin.  Teaming him with Dareus would be ideal.  He might go #29 to Chicago.


3.        Jabaal Sheard - DE - Pitt - 6'4" 265lbs - Sheard had 9 Sacks at Pitt and John Fox loves his DE's almost as much as his RB's.


4.        Marcus Cannon - OT - TCU - 6'5" 350lbs -  I think that Cannon has Pro Bowl written all over him.  He can play RT but I think would be a ProBowl Guard in year 2 or 3.


5.        Bruce Carter - LB - UNC - 6'2" 242lbs -   Top 15 talent who had ACL injury.  Does Denver look at Carter in 2nd round.


6.       Mason Foster - LB - Washington - 6'2" 242lbs - I think Foster is a fan favorite and would be a solid LB who doesn't have a knee injury.


7.      Marcus Gilchrist - S/CB - Clemson - 5'10" 195lbs - Gilchrist ran a  4.45 forty and benched 225 x 26 times.  Mike Mayock believes that Gilchrist is the new version Safety who has CB skills but can still play the run.  Wes Bunting of National Football Post had him going late 2nd to San Diego.


8.      Chris Culliver - FS/CB - South Carolina - 6'0" 199lbs - Culliver is very fast 4.36 forty and can play both CB and FS and could be in play for Denver in the 3rd Round.



Final thoughts

If Denver can't trade down then I think Marcell Dareus should be the pick.   He will start from Day 1 at DT next to Kevin Vickerson 323lbs.

1st Round Pick #2 --------- Marcell Dareus - DT - Alabama - I honestly think Dareus is going to be as good as BJ Raji.

2nd Round Pick -----------   Mikel Leshoure - RB - Illinios -  I honestly think Leshoure would have THE BIGGEST IMPACT of any player we could draft in the 2nd Round.  He is big , fast and strong and Fox loves to run the ball. 

2nd Round Pick -----------   Marcus Cannon - RT - TCU -  I think he will elevate our Running Game and has Pro Bowl Potential.

3rd Round Pick -----------    Chris Culliver - FS/CB - South Carolina - I think Culliver comes in and plays from Day 1 at FS.

Free Agents signed

1.           Barry Cofield - DT - NY Giants - this gives Denver 3 very good DT's - Dareus , Vickerson and Cofield.

2.           Roman Harper - S - New Orleans - Dennis Allen would love to add Harper to the Defense.

3.           Charles Johnson - DE - Carolina - 11 Sacks in 2010.  Fox will try to sign his former player


I know that most won't agree with 2 Offensive Players in the 2nd but I think that Leshoure and Cannon are STARTERS from Day 1.

If we draft Marcell Dareus 1st any DT we draft will probably be a backup.   I also think that any LB we draft in the 2nd(Carter might not much in 2010 knee) or Mason Foster (might need a little time to be starter).

Any thoughts.

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