Mock Draft 3 of 4

Well this is my third mock draft and this will probably be the one that you guys will hate the most, but I will give it a go any way.

I was watching ESPN earlier and they had Aldon Smith from Mizzou and so I decided to go back and watch some film and I cant help but like what I see. No he is not going to be a force that Marcel will be (right away anyway.) But he could be the next jevon kerse or D. Ware. He has excellent potential and no character issues a hard worker and we finally have a defensive coaching staff that can make him a great player. We all understand that we are not going to build our defense in one year it will take 2 or 3 years to have a good/great defense but we can gather all the right tools and then between coaching and chemistry over the next few years if we hit on the draft picks we can have a really good young defense and bring back the orange crush d.  one last note it is really hard to not only predict one trade but I will be making 2 trades feel free to bash that as much as you want. On to the Mock

Denvers orig. picks 2,36,46,67,186,189,247

1. Panthers- Cam Newton

2. Denver- The Broncos trade this pick to the Cardinals for the 5th pick, the 38th overall and the 103th overall. Denver make this trade even tho on the trade chart this is a loss of about 400 points but they take the deal its just to much money and Denver could really use the youth.

Cardinals select Blaine Gabbert.

3. Bills select Marcel Dareus

4. Cinci selects A. J. Green

5. Denver.-With PP and VM still on the bored the Broncos could really use either player and then NE calls them they really want they're edge pass rusher and 5 is a reasonably slot to pick a LB they offer the 17th overall pick 33 pick and 92 pick we lose about 30 points we try and squeeze a 5th round slot out of them and bill retorts "are you kidding me im not McDaniel's we dont just hand picks out for cast-aways" then John Fox remembers the super bowl loss to the pats and crys in the corner like to coach in water boy leaving Elway and Xanders to draft.


Denvers new picks- 17,33,36,38,46,67,92,103,186,189,247. (yes I know you guys all hate the thoughts of missing out on an elite talent but I think the only true defensive elite talent is PP, Dareus wont be like Suh and There is a stud line backer coming out in 2012, from ASU trust me I know I played along side him at ASU (I was a walk on in 2009 but knee injuries well they suck and I would have never seen the field anyway))    this gives never plenty of ammo to do as they wish and there wish (in my twisted fantasy is to pick defense defense defense)


17. Denver selects Aldon smith from Mizzuo like i stated in the beggining paragraph he has excellent upside and might turn out to be a stud DE he has all the tools and plus we also have doom and Ayers he will push ayers and they will make eachother better which can only help us.

33.Marvin Austin- I think he may be gone but part of me also thinks that he will be there when we make the selection because the bottom of the first round will be a lot of trades and qbs taken way to high so we get lucky here and get and Excellent DT.

36. We go back to back DT here and select Stephen Paea. I think we now have 2 huge hogs to rotate with Big Vick and all three are young and we now have a good solid young line

38.Rahim Moore- We need to get younger every where and he is the highest rated safety and and excellent choice here

46. This is a hard pick I almost want to go offense here and maybe pick leshore but we really need defense and we need defense bad  dont get me wrong I would love a RB but i just cant bring my self to do it. 

Denver selects Martez Wilson- We get quite possibly the best ILB in the draft with out last selection in round two and we have new good young players at all levels of the Defense.

67.Daniel Thomas- We get a good RB from Kansas that will come in and help share the load with Knowshon (some of you guys will want demarco murray but do we really need 2 knowshons ?)

92.Casey Mathews- simply put he has an excellent bloodline and I think he is also underrated and will help our Defense from Day 1(not in a starting way tho) I really like this kid and think he will do great. and he reminds me of zach thomas.

103. Dj Williams TE arkansas- I think denver gets a bargin he is a good athlete and a hard worker and we need a TE's anyway

186.Dereck Hall Rt Stanford- Denver drafts for depth and Ryan Harris replacement when he is gone have the 2012 season 

189. Best Safty avalible

247. best FB, RB avalible.



Overall I think this would be a good draft for denver and also in the draft Im not getting a qb because I think at the very least we need to see what tebow and do He will NOT be any worse than the the rookie qb simply because he has a year under his belt and if he fails so what we can give quinn a shot and just draft a qb next year when the class is alot better.

trade justification 

 I know we are in talks with AZ so thats not that far fetched and NE likes VM and loves to move on draft day so thats my logic

let the roasting begin

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