From Shanahan to McDaniels to now

Hey guys I wanted to do a quick post on how our team has changed the last couple years.

Shanahans 2008 team


Excellent Offensive line one of the best in the leaue

Elite talent at LT, top 5 at RT, excellent guards, Excellent center

At Tight End we have a great mix of talent in Graham and Scheffler

WR's are solid but to much depth

QB played at a Pro Bowl level


Our Defensive Line was not that good but that's our staple.

Acceptable (barely) group of LB's behind them

Terrible safeties and our RCB is overpaid, and gets burned way to often. Jack Williams is a good nickel.

McDaniels 2010 team


Our lineman clearly regressed from day 1 under McDaniel's. Even before Clady's injury he was still not as good in 2009 as he was in 2008. However, our Offensive Line held up fairly well until we lost Ryan Harris to an injury. After Ryan Harris was hurt, our play dropped off tremendously. One thing I want to note is that even with our 6-0 start we were still not very effective running the ball. This got worse in 2010. 

Ryan Clady was not as dominant once McD took over but he was still very good. Hamilton played above average in 2008 but was a terrible fit for McD's scheme and was released. His replacement Zane Beadles, was nothing to write home about. Casey Weigman was a very good center for us in 08, but like Hamilton he did not fit our scheme and went on to play for KC where he flourished. Kuper did not change much if at all with our new scheme. Ryan Harris regressed from a top 5 RT in 2008.

QB's. This is debatable. For the record I would have tried really hard to keep Cutler in the first place (This is coming from a die hard Plummer fan). If it really got to a point where he wasn't working with the organization then you have to do what you have to do. But gosh what a way to waste those picks...

One thing I will say is that McD did increase the play of Orton very much. He is clearly a very good quarterbacks coach.

TE's. Didn't change much. We lost Scheffler but he wasn't a huge part of our offense anyway. Terrible pick in Quinn. Hated that more than the Alphonso trade. At least looking at Alphonso's college tape you cold find something to fall in love with. Quinn's tape? looked for it all draft day nothing there.

WR's. Really improved in this area no question. Lloyd was a good pickup for us. I like the DT pick as well as Eric Decker. Matt Willis really responded and we had a lot of practice squad guys (Britt) that looked really intriguing. What about that guy Danario Alexander. Great job by our scouting department and McD in this area.

Our talent level at the Running back position didn't change much but our coaching did. Our new scheme was a foolish move


Our defensive Line was bad before, and McD didn't change that.

Our LB play regressed, probably because of scheme change. Ayers has shown signs. Doom was dominant for a season but that's basically it. D.J. Williams was a Pro Bowl caliber LB in the 4-3. The 3-4 didn't fit his skill set but he played alright even so. D.J. and Jonathan Vilma have many parallels and this is one of them.

Our secondary improved for the most part, under McD. Andre Goodman was and is an excellent pickup and Renaldo Hill was good as well. Our CB depth is much better than 2008. Our starting Safeties are better as well although a replacement for Dawkins is still not set. McBath has shown signs but he needs to stay healthy. Overall our DB's are much better.


So as you can see things have changed a lot under McD. Notice that WR's and CB's improved but that was about it. Also notice that none of McD's picks really solidified into anything special (yet). Syd'Quan Thompson, David Bruton, Eric Decker and Perrish Cox were pretty good value picks but nobody really amazed us.

Notice How our O-line completely regressed under Mcdaniels. Our dominant (compared to now) running game went down the drain. A top 5 Offensive line at one point.

Our LB play also regressed probably due to scheme. Same applies to the Offensive line

Goodman and Lloyd were McDs best free agency pick ups.

What do you expect from Fox?

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