A Mock That Went Wrong

              Denver has more holes than they have draft picks and EFX trades the #2 pick to Arizona in exchange they get the #5 , #38, #103 and a third round pick in the 2012 draft . they also agree to a deal in principal after a new CBA is in place . Arizona receives   their third round 2012 pick back and Kyle Orton in exchange for their 2012 first round pick . EFX thinks this is excellent trade and they will still get their man. (Marcel Dareus) now let the selection process begin 

       #1      Carolina picks Cam Newton    #2 Arizona picks Von Miller  #3 Buffalo picks Marcel Dareus #4 Cincinnati picks Blane Gabbert  #5 Denver is now on the clock with Dareus gone and they don't like Fairley this high so they try to trade down but can not get a deal that is of value they make the pick #5 Pattrick Peterson.

 Second Round #36 with Fairley ,Liuget ,Wilkerson , Taylor and Austin already off the board Denver selects Stephen Paea . #38 linebacker is a hugh need and Denver selects Bruce Carter of North Carolina . #46 Denver still needs another D Tackle and they select Terrell McClain of South Florida he is raw but very talented .                                                                                                                                                                                      

                Third Round #67  Trade Alert Denver trades the 67th pick to Detroit in exchange for the #75 and the #154 picks . Detroit selects Quan Sturdivant linebacker of North Carolina . #75 Denver selects Jaiquawn Jarrett safety of Temple. Jarrett is a hard hitting safety .                                                                                                                                            

  Fourth Round  #103 Denver selects Stephen Schilling guard tackle of Michigan . Schilling played right tackle then switched to left guard his senior season he is a 300 pound lineman that can also play in a zone blocking scheme .                                                                                                                                                                      

 Fifth Round #154 Denver selects Julius Thomas tight end of Portland State .                           

        Sixth Round #186 Denver selects Anthony Allen running back of Georgia Tech . Allen is a poor mans Mikel LaShoure they are the same size ,weight and speed . Allen is being overlooked because he played in a option offense and was not used to catch passes out of the backfield and block pass rushers . #189 Denver selects  Mario Harvey inside linebacker of Marshall . Harvey is an undersized fast linebacker that just makes plays .


 Seventh Round #247 Denver selects Zack Pianalto tight end of North Carolina . Pianalto is a very talented tight end coming off a leg injury                                                                                                                          

            In this mock Denver did not get the two D Tackles they wanted in ( Dareus and Austin ) but however came           away with some players that will really help the team in the future . I think if you want a blue chip D Tackle in this draft you will have to get them in the first round . Ok guys this was a mock just to look at what could happen have fun tearing it up . 






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